We're all insane! A first-Hand look at the Point Of View of a homeless man

Homeless man known as Brother explaining why "most of us in America are insane." ( Sierra McQueen)
Brother returning to his friends for a short moment to talk. ( Sierra McQueen)
Brother holding a conversation with a man visiting. of Lake Ella. At the end of the conversation surrounding Brother’s sign the man gives him money, which can be seen from the image on the right. ( Sierra McQueen)
Brother takes a break from holding his sign to pet the dogs that visits him daily. ( Sierra McQueen)
The left image shows Brother peacefully holding his sign. On the right we see someone is walking passed him that was quite combative with him; he turned his head toward his friends to voice his frustration. ( Sierra McQueen)
Some of the items that belong to Brother and his friends.
Brother expressing his frustration as he sits with hiss friends.
Clearly worn Brother holding his sign as he look across the lake. Behind him there's small liquor bottles hanging from a tree. ( Sierra McQueen)

The sign reads “Most of us are 100% completely insane.”, but what do it all mean? According to an elderly homeless man known only by “brother” everyone in America is insane. His friends also homeless even went as far to say that “some of us are insane and don’t even know it”.

Brother’s opinion on his sign that he can be seen wearing is one that had individuals stopping by engaging in conversation with him. Even if their opinions didn’t quite align with his, he was still willing to listen and see all points of view.

“People are materialistic and egoistic. Some of them even claim to be religious, yet they are still raciest. It’s a shame to even be raciest during these times still. This is why America is insane. We build bombs to blow up other countries but want to save a stupid tree; but won’t even feed the homeless but will save a tree. There’s vets out here that’s hungry, grandfathers in poor countries that some of them came from but won’t feed the hungry not even so much give a penny so that they can eat. That my friend is why America is insane we don’t have it together it’s all about us. Take the time out sometime to see how the homeless is doing, see if they’re hungry and give them a dollar if you can. Americans are insane, well a lot of them are.” Brother said on his opinion on why most of us are insane.

We’re not insane because of a mental disorder, we’re insane in the eyes of a homeless man because our priorities are wrong. In his rant, Brother mentioned it was the holiday season and yet and still people are insane because this should be the time that you think of others. Brother’s sign may not be to everyone’s liking or cure to end homelessness, but the reason behind it is one worth stopping and talking about.

Created By
Sierra McQueen


All photos are by Sierra McQueen.

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