The Two Streams Oliver wendell holmes sr.


The poem "The Two Streams" is saying a life story kinda like a mom having kids and going down a curvy road raising the kids the when the time comes the kids part ways with their mom to live in adult life.


There is tons of imagery in this poem, it starts off with the sloping sides and the swift rain drops and then the rushing river tides. Tells about a town in Canada and the river rolling towards the sun and through a cleft mountain edge. Tells about how life parts ways with things and it can turn around real quick, then it shows how a child takes after a mom. Then the poem basically says one chooses a wrong path and the other takes the good path.


Created with images by kvn.jns - "Waterfall in Pacamayo (I think)" • Austin Rapp - "viva" • skeeze - "waterfall rocks falling"

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