Palikū Nae'ole Wong 2nd Trimester 2016-2017


My hopes and dreams for this school year is to learn to write cursive. I did not get to learn cursive, but now in the Third Trimester we are learning cursive.


I completed reading 4 books in the 2nd Trimester. My 3 favorite books I read are:

1. The Lightning Thief by: Rick Riordan

2. The Sea of Monsters by :Rick Riordan

3. The Battle of the labyrinth by: Rick Riordan

I really enjoyed reading The Battle of the Labyrinth because they find Pan, but sadly Pan dies and all of his power was divided upon Percy, Annabeth, Grover, Tyson, and Rachel. My goal for the Third Trimester is to finish the series Heroes of Olympus and log down books right when I finish them. I will meet my goal by reading on my free time and logging down the books when I finish my book.

Percy Jackson and the olympians the lightning thief
PErcY Jackson and the olympians the sea of monsters
Percy Jackson and the olyMPians the battle of the labyrinth


In the Second Trimester we learned about Fables for speech festival my fable was the Boy Who Cried Wolf. I had to practice hard to remember my fable this is a video of me preforming at semi finals.


My goal in writing was to capitalize letters in correct places. I think I really need to improve on my goal because I did that a lot. My biggest obstacle was that I would not look at my goal sheet and remember my goal. What I did well was in my informational peace I gave all the information I knew. The most important thing I learned about myself as a writer during the 2nd Trimester was that I write better when I write about what I know. What I need to improve on in the 3rd trimester is that I have to still work on capitalizing the right letters in right places so for the 3rd Trimester my goal is to capitalize letters in correct places.

This is my Informational peace


My goal in math was to get better at skip counting. What I learned by working towards my goal was 9✖️9 so I could do it without hesitation. My biggest obstacle was having so muuuany activities. My biggest help was my dad because almost every night he told me to practice. The most interesting thing I learned in the 2nd trimester was division because I got a lot right and a lot wrong. My goal for math is to master multiplication facts by the end of the year.

This is my math test


In Social Studies we learned about Economics.


This year we had a market day. I sold origami dinosaurs and I had a profit of 326 dollars.



This is my fantasy skyscape. I made this by first taking black paper and spray white paint on it . Then we took paper and put some paint on it The we smudged it with a food wrapper then we cut the paper and glued it to the black paper.


In the 2nd Trimester we had are Christmas concert the two songs we sang were The Twelve Dogs To Christmas and Silver Bells.


In since we made some simple machines. The three simple machines we made are The lever, the inclined plane, and the pulley.


In S.T.E.A.M we made a greenhouse and we planted some plants in the greenhouse .


In P.E I did 10 push-ups, also I did 56 curl-ups, and ran a lap in 2:10.



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