Legal Services Proposal Prepared by Franklin Spees with Lawvex, Inc. - experienced Attorney, Broker, Property Manager, Investor & Urban Planner (CalBar# 227726 - DRE#01441277)

This proposal is for legal services to address the common legal needs of property management companies.

At our core, Lawvex believes that major changes in the legal industry are long overdue. Thanks to advancements in various technologies, as well as common sense and compassion for our clients, we have developed an innovative approach to the practice of law, as well as the attorney-client relationship where you will experience an open and transparent solution to your legal needs. What Sets Us Apart? There are many things that help set us apart from traditional law firms, and we believe you will love the way we work. Our mission is to “take the frustration out of Law with 5-star client service.”


How do we deliver 5-star client service? By living out our 6 core values:

Speed – We put our clients first, meaning when you call us we’ll have a live person greet you and have an attorney speak with you immediately or schedule a call back with you as quickly as possible.

Efficiency – We work efficiently on all matters, using the premier cloud-based practice management platform and integrated drafting software and other tools with innovative and lean processes to ensure our expert lawyers spend time working for you and don’t waste time administratively.

Value – Our specialized property management representation provides an alternative retainer fee structure providing both efficiencies and cost savings.

Education – We believe that a well-informed client makes the best possible decision in their situation so we take the time to explain your options and the associated risks and benefits.

Transparency – We are an open book to our clients. Your attorney keeps you informed, educates and explains everything we do related to your representation. If you ever have any questions, always feel free to ask.

Franklin Spees, is a CA licensed real estate attorney offering "concierge-like" legal services to a limited number of Property Management companies throughout California, providing a unique opportunity to retain and have “ready access” to an experienced real estate attorney with industry experience specializing in property management.

As a broker and owner of a medium sized management company for over 18 years, Franklin knows first-hand all of the legal issues and challenges that face small businesses in one of the most regulated and evolving industries in the state. This service is best suited for management companies who are not positioned to hire full time in-house counsel but still need regular legal advice on issues of legal compliance, responding to legal demands, small claims, business organization, limiting liability, growth, transactions, forms, code interpretations, trust accounting, legal negotiation, settlements, compliance (DRE, FTB, DFEH, HUD, ADA), etc.

Franklin has over 18 years of diverse real estate experience as a land use, zoning, and business attorney; an active owner of property management company; an investment syndicator (multifamily); a real estate transaction broker; a city/urban planner; and property investor.

Franklin is a licensed by the CA State Bar (#227726) and the CA Department of Real Estate (#01441277). He is additionally an active member of CAR, CAA, USGS & NCHM. He also actively serves on the CA Apartment Association legislative subcommittee (2016-2019).



*monthly retainer amount does not include any substantive work product exceeding the agreed upon scope of services such as drafting contracts, complex letters, court documents, forming business entities, partnership agreements, etc. Additional services are available but would be subject to additional flat or hourly fees and requires prior mutual agreement in writing. This service does not include third party communications such as attorney calls to opposing counsel, insurance companies or public agencies on your behalf. The scope of services can be expanded or retracted between the parties by mutual written agreement. The attorney client relationship will be formally established through a written and executed legal engagement agreement.


Proposed monthly retainer would only secure a few billable hours a month for a typical real estate attorney at another law firm
Attorney intentionally limits his number of clients – ensuring exclusivity, accessibility & responsiveness
Directly contact Franklin – via calls, emails, texts and in person when necessary
Enjoy the benefits of having in-house counsel services at a reduced and predictable monthly cost
Ability to promote your legal capacity and protections to your landlord clients
Relationship based legal counsel providing for a more trusting and efficient representation as your business continues to grow and evolve
"I look forward to the opportunity to partnering with you to address the legal needs of your property management company" -Franklin Spees, JD, CCRM, TCS, LEED AP
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Franklin Spees, JD

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