E-Bike World Tour 2021 Media Kit

“Launching the E-Bike World Tour in the premium destinations of Flachau, Tignes, Val d’Isère and Verbier is a dream that has come true. Together, we will offer an excellent experience to all participants and a major platform for the cycling industry. The revolution has begun!” Nicolas Hale-Woods, FWT & Verbier E-bike Festival CEO


  1. The Tour
  2. Elite Race - Flachau, Austria
  3. Elite Race - Tignes Val d'Isère, France
  4. E-Tour du Mont-Blanc - Verbier, Switzerland
  5. Top athletes
  6. Sustainability
  7. Contacts


In 2021 we’re visiting Flachau in Austria, Tignes & Val d’Isère high up in the French Alps and returning to Verbier for the E-Tour du Mont-Blanc.

The race is split into long-timed stages over 2-3 days with tech zones where battery exchange is available. This creates a unique format in e-mountain biking. A 3-day race will likely cover around 250km of single trails, in a mix of lush forests and high alpine scenery. To spice it up, a bit of portage here and there can be expected.


The first stop of the E-Bike World Tour : 2 days of unique E-Bike racing to the state of Salzburg. The extreme trails of the district of St. Johann im Pongau will push athletes to their limits.

  • Festival dates: June 25th - 27th, 2021
  • Race dates: June 25th - 26th
  • 2 days | 200 km | Vertical drop : 1400M
  • Registration fee: 450 EUR (selection on records)
  • Prize money: 13'000 EUR

Festival activities for all levels

  • E-Bike Tests
  • Discovery Trails
  • Gourmet Tours


The second stop of the E-Bike World Tour will be held in Tignes-Val D'Isère. 2 days of intense racing across the trails of the Haute-Tarentaise to determine who can conquest the French Alps.

  • Festival dates: July 30st - August 1st, 2021
  • Race dates: July 30th - 31st
  • Location: loop between Tignes and Val d'Isère
  • 2 days | 200 km | Vertical drop : 1000M
  • Registration fee: 450 EUR (selection on records)
  • Prize money: 13'000 EUR

Festival activities for all levels

  • E-Bike Tests
  • Discovery Trails
  • Gourmet Tours


The Grande Finale of the E-Bike World Tour it will bring together elite e-bike riders and the teams who have proven themselves at the previous stops of Tignes-Val d'Isère (FRA) and Flachau (AUT). A 3 day long, 300km race, (including 260km of single tracks) around Mont Blanc; through Switzerland, Italy, and France.

  • Festival dates: August 12-15, 2021
  • Race dates: August 11-13, 2021
  • LOCATIONS : Verbier - Courmayeur - Chamonix - Verbier
  • Teams of 2 men, women or mixed
  • 3 days | 300 km | Vertical drop : +12000m / -16000m
  • Registration fee: 780 EUR (selection on records)
  • Prize money: 20'000 EUR

Festival activities for all levels

  • E-Bike Tests
  • Discovery Trails
  • Gourmet Tours
  • Val de Bagnes Challenge
  • Bosch e-MTB Challenge


Determined, passionated and skilled riders join the Elite competitions of the E-Bike World Tour. Top athletes already confirmed they will take part in the 2021 E-Bike World Tour : Marco Fontana, Christoph Sauser and Nathalie Schneitter

Christoph Sauser, Nathalie Schneitter and Marco Fontana

Christoph Sauser, (SUI), 2004 and 2005 overall world cup winner, 2008 UCI Cross Country World Champion and Sydney Olympics in 2000 medalist. “The kick-off event was absolutely brilliant last year and a world tour is a must have. If the elite format is going to be anything like the previous two years it will be a true spectacle, with the most skilled and technical riders all involved in these races only adds to the excitement. With every race worth even more will only motivate us further to maintain our performance throughout the tour. The industry is going to love it because e-biking is absolutely booming.”

Marco-Aurelio Fontana, (ITA) 2012 London Olympic Games Medalist “The cycling community is enormous, but often concentrated on classic cycling events. With their experience organizing winter-sports events, the Freeride World Tour management offers something new and different. I believe that it’s the way to demonstrate exactly what can be done on e-bikes. I am extremely happy to see how things are evolving in this sport.”

Nathalie Schneitter, (SUI) UCI E-MTB world champion & E-TMB 2019 winner “This is absolutely amazing, I love adventures, I love long days on the saddle and I love to ride technical terrain. The E-Tour du Mont-Blanc 2019 was one of the highlights of my whole career and just to imagine it’s going to be a series like that is really exciting for me and I’m already looking forward to be part of it and to write history.”


We are constantly evolving towards more sustainable event. In 2020, we targeted 7 areas of improvement which we plan to bring forward in 2021.

  1. Transportation: reducing signal transport and incentivising public transport and car-sharing
  2. Food: sourcing locally and creating vegetarian alternatives.
  3. Environment and Community: blu electrical sourcing for E-Bikes and sharing of trails.
  4. Waste management: recycling, reducing plastic usage and supervision of correct division of materials.
  5. Communication: prioritise use of recycled materials, communicate de importance of the prevention of the habitat.
  6. Inclusion: valuing or volunteers, communities and raising awareness of gender equality in the bike sport.
  7. Formation: guiding our partners, sponsors, exhibitors and attendees on the importance of sustainability.

EBWT and World Bicycle Relief

In 2021, E-Bike World Tour (EBWT) is proud to support World Bicycle Relief an NGO founded in 2005 by F.K. Day and Leah Missbach Day. World Bicycle Relief deliver specially designed, locally assembled, rugged bicycles for people in need. They have developed an efficient, innovative, and scalable model to empower students, health workers, and entrepreneurs in rural developing regions with life-changing mobility.


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