Jaxon soller-cornilles digital photography 1 period 4

this photo is from the food photo challenge assignment in which we used lighting to emphasize the food we took pictures of using lighting and shadows.
this photo is from the shoes photo challenge it showed shoes walking towards a light which in turn expresses the thought of moving on into a different part of life
my multiplicity photo in which i had to take five different photos and combine them together to make it seem as though there is multiple of the same person
this photo is the first photo i took in digital photography.
this photo is from paining with light we turned all the lights off then used led lights to

i make my art because i enjoy the different angles and views you can get from a photo to make something look different than it really is or make it pop more. I am inspired by the ability to graduate from high school finally. my art in turn i believe represents me as everyone's art represents them self in its entirety i don't really have one thing i believe my art represents. i think everyone's photos are unique because of the artist who takes them you cant really remake a photo with the same thought and feeling as another photographer. my art means a lot to me cause it means how i can actually be able to make something unique.

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