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I know in the past when people would hear the world "boudoir" it was just a tad bit taboo...but that just ins't the case anymore. Boudoir is so much more than just an average photoshoot, it is an experience that is designed to embrace an intimate side of yourself. And boudoir isn't just for women, it is for all genders and couples alike. It is an experience to celebrate who you are and to be unapologetically you! The very first step in planning or getting ready for your boudoir experience is knowing your reason why. It can be anything from celebrating a milestone all the way to because "I deserve it". And trust me you do deserve it! There doesn't have to be some big grand reason behind you wanting to do something for you, the important part is that you are here, and I'm here to help you learn more about what a shoot will do for you!

Before we get too far, lets talk about

My "Why"

I started shooting predominately boudoir because I truly love seeing what it can do for my clients. I love being part of the journey of others being able to see themselves in a new light. Seeing my clients boost in confidence, and seeing them embrace a new side of themselves (beyond just the photoshoot) is the most rewarding thing I can accomplish as a photographer.

I believe there is just too much pressure on everyone to feel and look like someone else's definition of "perfect". A boudoir photoshoot helps you find your definition of perfect, and it allows you to be you. And you, my dear, are perfect!

I've developed this planning guide to get you started on your boudoir journey and I've included some answers to frequently asked questions, some insight on the client closet and how it works, tips on what to wear and what not to wear, information about the products available as well as my investment guide. At any point you are welcome to set up your completely FREE consultation appointment and we can talk over anything you see here or I can answer any additional questions you might have.

Frequently Asked Questions & the Answers

"What if I'm not as skinny as I used to be?"

Everyone has an ideal number they wish they saw on the scale, but that silly numbers shouldn't be a deciding factor when it comes to boudoir. Boudoir isn't about being in the best shape of your life, yeah it is great if you are, but it's okay if you aren't. Boudoir is about celebrating you, the way you are. Who cares what that jerk face scale has to say!

But if that is still on your mind, rest assured, as a photographer I have all sorts of posing and lighting tricks that can help anyones insecure areas become areas they love. You can pose in ways to make your legs look longer, or thinner, or shorter, or thicker. We can do the same thing for your booty, arms, tummy, and even the ta-tas. You can absolutely love what you look like, and you can still rock the photoshoot.

"I've never done anything like this, is that okay?"

Absolutely! I am here to walk your through the entire process from this planning guide to phone consultations, during the shoot, and even after once you receive you images. During the consultation we get to know each out a little, I learn your preferences and can design an experience that fits you. Then I have a client questionnaire that I send out before your shoot, this gives me even more insight into your personality. You are welcome to text/call as questions come up. Day of the shoot I'm there before hand and we go over your outfit choices, I talk you through some tips before we get started then, I have a posing routine, which I plan out to fit your look. I will walk your through the poses, even getting into some of them myself, because let's face it, sometimes it is easier to see it and copy it than just hearing words. After the shoot I get to work editing, and once your images are ready we go over them together. If you've decided on an album I create it in front of you, giving you control of the final product. I am here to assist you from this second on!

"Do I have to be naked? Can I get naked? How much clothing is too much/too little?"

The best way to say it is simply this, the most important part of a boudoir experience is your comfort level. What makes you feel good about yourself, what parts of your body do you want to share with whomever you plan on sharing these images with? Then go from there. There are no set rules of how little or how much clothing must be worn during your boudoir experience. You can choose to be photographed topless and the images will still be classy and sophisticated. You can choose to stay fully clothed and still get images that are sultry and sexy. It is about making you feel confident and empowered, not uncomfortable. So long story short, you can be as exposed as you want, you can make it a game time decision, or have your mind made up before the experience. Your decision on wardrobe is yours alone. I am happy to provide advice and ideas, but it is always up to you!

"How much editing will you do?"

My first step is what I consider lite retouching. This includes smoothing skin, removing blemishes, removing hair that may have gone rouge, and removing any tags. Then during the reveal if there is something you really want editing differently we can talk about it. I am a firm believer in showcasing the best you, but it still being you. Take for instance the images below. I pulled this off of my VIP page, where I talked about the evolution of an image. The first image to the left is the RAW image straight out of the camera. The second image was one I was finished editing in Lightroom, and the third is the final image once I did a few more touch ups in Photoshop. You can see I didn't change her, I did smooth out her "holding her breath" vein from the forehead because it isn't a natural part of her. I warmed up the image, and I brought out the detail in her lips and eyes highlighting her favorite assets, but still let the image do all the work. This shoot isn't about editing you, it is about highlighting you!

"Who will see my images?"

Short answer, you, me, and whoever you choose. Actually that is the entire answer. I never share any images without written consent from you, period.

The Client Closet

Every client has access to the client closet and you are welcome to borrow any of the pieces from the client closet for your shoot. I am constantly adding to the client closet, so it is always changing and evolving. I have everything from gowns, oversized sweaters, to bras. I have necklaces, harnesses, capes, crowns, you name it, I might just have it. I carry pieces from size XS-5X. During your phone consultation we can talk about what I have in the closet in your size.

You can also see some of the pieces in action on Instagram and over at Tik Tok (@taralynphoto).

What to Wear & What not to Wear

  • Something that fits your look: If you are looking for soft images avoid leather, if your wanting to go full badass I would maybe stay away from flowing chiffon.
  • Be comfortable: Practice sitting down, laying down, standing, and a range of poses in the pieces you are considering. We don't often think about how an outfit will look once we start moving around. Does it cut in at the wrong places, does it smush your boobs down, does it flatten your booty? Knowing this will help you either avoid certain outfits or it will help with posing if it is an outfit you love. If you aren't comfortable in the outfit, you won't be as confident during the shoot, and it will show.
  • Bring Something Personal: Some great examples are, a jersey of a favorite sports team, jewelry from your wedding (or upcoming wedding), an old work shirt, a favorite t-shirt to lay around in, a uniform. Just something that is personal to you and will showcase a different side of an everyday object.
  • Don't Mix Reds: If you know you want a bold red lip, don't also choose a shade of red outfit, they won't match.
  • Don't Forget the Accessories: Heels, earrings, necklaces, robes, a veil, headband, favorite piece of jewelry, tights, etc. The addition of little pieces like this can transform an outfit from good to amazing. We can always tone it down throughout the shoot, or amp it up depending. Never be worried about bringing too much to your shoot. You would rather have it, than wish you had it later!


I offer a wide range of products, but the most popular are the albums and wall art. They are a great way to keepsake your images. I have a range of samples for you to touch and feel either before or after your shoot. And you never have to decide on any of the products until you see your images. You aren't locked in ahead of time. So wait and make all of your product decisions once you get to see them and your images in person. It will make a big difference.

Invest In Yourself

I have two separate pricing structures, you can either go the "All Inclusive" route or you can go completely "A'la Carte". Each way has its own set of what is included and what you get from the session, however the way I work is still the same. If you want an all inclusive you book your session with a deposit, which is then subtracted from the final amount due for the collection you decide on. Once the session is over you finalize which collection you want. For the A'la Carte Option, the first step is booking your session and the first payment is the experience fee. This fee includes, outfit changes, wardrobe planning, the session itself, and 3 high resolution digital downloads. This is all you are required to pay prior to your experience.

All Inclusive Packages

All Inclusive packages include full hair & make-up, wardrobe planning, access to my client closet, & a shoot as long as needed to fit your package.

Confidence Collection: 5x5 Boxed Classic Album with 10-15 images, 5 bonus High Resolution Image Downloads, & a $75 product credit for $595

Empowerment Collection: 8x8 Boxed Deluxe Album with 10-15 images, 5 bonus High Resolution Digital Downloads, & a $150 product credit for $699

Liberation Collection: 10x10 Boxed Deluxe Album with 15-20 images, 10 bonus High Resolution Digital Downloads, & a $175 product credit for $985

Opulence Collection: 10x10 Imported Luxury Album with 20+ images, Full Digital Download Gallery, 8x12 Acrylic Print, & a $500 product credit for $2900

The A'la Carte Route

A'la carte comes with a $199 experience fee which includes wardrobe planning, access to the client closet, 5 High Resolution Digital Downloads and up to a 2 hour photoshoot. You can add Full Professional Hair and Make-Up to this session for an additional $100.

There are special pricing and discounts for parties, couples, marathons, and alternate location minis available upon request.

Exclusive Wing Sessions

all exclusive wing sessions include

  • access to the client closet
  • unlimited access to the angel wings
  • your photography session (estimated 90minutes+)
  • high resolution digital downloads of all the images form your album plus 10 additional digital downloads
  • crystal USB of digital downloads with presentation box
  • 30% off any additional a'la carte purchases

Bombshell Collection release your inner bombshell, this collection includes professional hair & make-up, 10x10 handmade imported Couture Album with matching wooden box including 10 spreads (20+ images), $1299

Vixen Collection Hello Vixen, this collection includes an 8x8 or 8x10 handmade imported Luxury Leather Journal album with 10 spreads (20+ images) $899

Both All Inclusive and A'la Carte have the same workflow. I always start with a risk free phone planning session, this is where we make sure we are on the same page. There is no pressure to book, it is simply a chance to talk it all through. Once you've decided that you want to move forward I send a digital contract for you to sign and the invoice for your deposit, this secures your date and time. Next comes the shoot itself, we can also plan your image reveal either before or after the shoot itself. During the image reveal we sit down and go over your images together. I like to book these appoints within 48 hours of the shoot, but it can be extended if needed. Remember it is an experience, not just a photoshoot and go. We work together to find either the packages or a'la carte pieces that fit best for your wants and budget. Then once final choices are made you receive your final invoice. The pricing listed above is a guide to what I offer, but it is important to note that this is just a guide. A snapshot of what is the most popular options among my current clients. I am happy to work with you within your budget. I am aware that an experience like this is an investment, and because of that I offer payment plans to fit your budget.

Now that you've read over the information you are ready for the next step in the process...your FREE phone consultation!

Want to chat right away?

You can call or text me at 717-926-8730

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#7 You Are Gorgeous

It makes me sad when I hear people say, I would love to do a Boudoir photoshoot but I don't love the way I look. First of all, you are stunning. Let me say that one more time, you are stunning!! Everyone, and I mean everyone, has aspects of their body they don't "love", and that's okay. Boudoir is one way to help you fall in love with all of those bits and pieces again. So often I here from clients during the photoshoot (when I show them the back of my camera) "wow, that's what I really look like". And their "wow" isn't a, eww yikes kind of "wow" but an honest to goodness shock of how gorgeous they are. So if you are thinking you're not "model" enough for boudoir, trust me when I say you are gorgeous and it would be my honor to show you just how stunning you are!

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