A Tale Dark and Grimm By: Adam Gidwitz

The Prince Sets off to find the golden princess
Faithful Johannes had to do three tasks to save the marriage and the king and queen
They got married and had two kids, Hansel and Gretel
The King was outraged with Johannes and sentenced him to death. Johannes was turning to stone before his King and Queen.
Months later the king was mourning in front of Faithful Johannes. Johannes had whispered to the king, " If you cut off the heads of your children, then you smear it on me, I will revive. So he did so. Sure enough he came back alive. Then revived the kids again.
Hansel and Gretel heard and ran away thinking The King and Queen would do it again.
They ran into the woods to find a house made of all sorts of candy.
A witch lived there. She invited them inside for food and they were extremly happy to be there until now........
The witch tries to cook them. She asks hansel to see if the oven's hot enough. The witch checks to and gets trapped she is cookin good.
They run away again to see if there is more family to find.
They find a nice little cottage filled with seven sons and a husband and wife. They happy but one, The father.
The seven sons were carrying a bathtub to get fresh water for Hansel and Gretel for a bath. The husband gets impatient and says.... I wish my sons can turn into swallows. THEY DID!!!!!
Hansel and Gretel vowed to bring back the sons and turn them back to humans. This was an adventure.
They had to travel far and into the mountains to find them. They needed a key to get in as well.
They were in the dark woods and thought the moon was going to eat them. The stars were the ones that protected them and gave them a key to the mountain


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