Marshall who? Marshall U. Taylor Chafin

Marshall College no more.

On March 3rd 1961 Marshall college transitioned into a university, thus changing the school in it's entirety, and how the students and community view the facility. This event has changed the school, and the students of the school tremendously. The change in the status of the school had a huge effect on anything and everything that had to do with the university. The biggest change was seen in the students, such as the excitement they show, the way they portray the university, and how proud they are to be a part of this amazing school.

Students doing the "snake dance" in excitement after the announcement of the university naming.

Marshall University Parthenon

Marshall students proudly displaying the article in which showed that they were now of university status.

In the spring of 1961 the Marshall Parthenon released a paper on the change in status of Marshall from college to university. This article is incorporated in several pictures in the year of 1961, especially in the first few days after the change in status. A tremendous amount of these pictures are featured in the 1961 Chief Justice Marshall University yearbook. This picture truly shows the excitement and the pride that comes in attending/overseeing a university.

The oldest building on the Marshall campus referred to as old main. The name old main originally was just a nickname but stuck due to the buildings older appearance.


The difference in the school, students, and community occurred because of the re-naming of the school, the biggest part of the noticeable change was located in the actions of the students. In the yearbook of 1961 the students are pictured in many images hanging, displaying, and wearing signs and shirts with the new school logo. Some of them are pictured carrying a sign that reads "Congratulates Marshall U". Not only do they show this they plastered banners everywhere at the school, and across the frat and sorority houses.

The article in The Parthenon about Marshall being given University status.

Students at Marshall University have changed in many ways since the school gaining university status. Many of the differences are shown in the pictures of students from then to now. Pride is one large change that has been increased since the upgrade at the school. In each and every picture since that time the expressions on the students faces say it all. Not only pride but the students started to show a larger interest in school activities. The title of University is a huge thing to uphold, but Marshall does it very well. This moment in Marshall's history will never be forgotten.

The statue of the University's founder John Marshall. Located in front of Drink Library.

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