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Who am I?

My name is Miranda Perez. I am a Senior Mass Media Arts Major Print Journalism Concentration at Clark Atlanta University. I am a first-generation college student from Chicago, IL. Being that I am the first in my family to go to college, I believe that campus involvement is key to an enjoyable college experience. I currently serve as the President of Her Campus CAU, the #1 collegiate magazine by women for women. Refer to the lower half of my site to observe my work both on campus and off throughout my matriculation at CAU.

Her Campus CAU

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Within Her Campus CAU, I've held many roles such as being a staff writer, a managing editor, and Editor-In-Chief. I currently serve as the president of the chapter. I am responsible for organizing, curating, and directing the production of our creative content through editorial work, social media content, and event planning. One element that sets our chapter apart is that we facilitate live interviews through Instagram and Twitter to further connects us to our campus. As a Campus Chartered Organization we must assist our campus community through hosting events. Often times I serve as an event panelist or host to assist in event management. I have also worked on creating content with our Youtube team in accordance to current trends. See that content below.

Video by Nia Lockland

Video by Nia Lockland

In order to interact with our campus more, the Her Campus CAU social media team and I organized public interviews to post on Youtube and as an IGTV series on Instagram. The first segment: Falling In Love At An HBCU serves as our Valentine's Day edition to the series. I filmed, edited, and produced with video above. I also designed the video thumbnail with Canva.

At the end of each academic school year, Her Campus Head Quarters honors its 318 various chapters with awards that best fit their accomplishments. In the 2018-2019 school year, I was awarded "Best Profile" award for my article "How Queer-phobia is Undermining LGBTQ+ Students at Morehouse College". Please take a look at it through the link above.

Sophomore Class Council 2018-2019

Within Sophomore Class Council I served on my platform: Student Achievement, Student Involvement, and Cultivating Art. Through this platform I worked on cultivating events/opportunities that engage the class of 2021 in ways that enlighten and inspire them. I have also took up the responsibility of being the content manager of our social media page. I was the primary graphic designer and I led our Public Relations committee with the creation of event flyers and promotion.

Graphic Design Through Sophomore Class Council

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Graphic design has become a huge passion of mine. I aimed to use graphic design my sophomore year to aid our class council's social media presence. After working in graphic design for a semester, I have realized that I love social media marketing and aesthetic branding. Each semester, my university exposes me to various opportunities within my major, outside of my concentration. I am pleased to say that Fall 2018 has exposed me to the art of graphic design and the wonders it does in media. Due to this, I am currently exploring careers outside of my concentration within in Public Relations and Social Media Marketing.

Graphic Design Through Her Campus CAU

Featured above is my graphic design work for the Her Campus CAU Instagram page. When I took up the leadership position of Editor In Chief in 2019, our chapter was on the brink of being inactive due to our lack of commitment on our social media platforms. Upon reviewing this issue, I took the initiative of working with our Social Media Director to create a consistent color scheme, font usage, content theme/standard, and posting schedule for our Social Media team. Within that move, I pushed for our rebranding, which has greatly increased our social media engagement on article page views. The work above showcases my event flyer creations, Instagram posts, and Instagram story posts! Please take a look at the Her Campus CAU Instagram page below to review my personal work (at a better capacity), as well as the work of our social media team that I take pride in directing!

Instagram & Twitter Live Through Her Campus CAU

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Clark Atlanta University like many universities were met with difficult times navigating remote learning and remote campus involvement. In order to aid that, I facilitated utilizing Instagram Live during CAU's first ever Virtual Student Election and I designed the promotion materials. We interviewed candidates for student council and student government association positions per the request of our audience. Doing so brought in 200+ views, 2,000 new engagements, and 18,000 impressions! The impact of our Instagram Live series was so appreciated that we expanded it to Twitter with #TwitHerCamp (concept by Jalondra Jackson) to further increase audience engagement.

Spark AR Experience: The Future Of Graphic Design

The future of social media marketing lies in filters for applications such as Instagram and Snapchat. Filters are in place for entertaining questions, polls, "which ____ are you" selecters or to offer a photo enhancing effect. To stay on the cutting edge of Instagram marketing, I created an Instagram Filter for Her Campus Cau: "Which CAU Major R U?" it includes 15 majors that lands randomly on the users head. This is the first filter of it's kind catered to Clark Atlanta University which is the reason for it's popularity! In less than three weeks of its creation, current students and alum interacted with the filter nearly 6,000 times and posted it on to their story a near 1,000 times. I created the images used on the filter with Canva and used Spark AR to program the filter's placement, the timing of the random selection, and to make it available to the public.
At the end of each academic school year, HCHQ honors its 318 various chapters with awards that best fit their accomplishments. In the 2018-2019 school year, I co-directed a social media revamp with my fellow Campus Correspondent and Executive Board. Her Campus CAU was awarded 2nd Place for Most Instagram Worth chapter, thanks to our rebranding!


Thus far in my colligate career, I've gained two national bylines through freelance journalism. The pieces are published in The Nation: the country's oldest weekly magazine and Prism: established in January 2019 to challenge the dominant and toxic national narratives by centering people closest to the problems and amplifying their ideas, experiences, and solutions. Read the clips below. Graphic design work to promote the articles was done by me with Canva.
In the Fall of 2018 I styled Clark Atlanta University's annual fashion show #CAU3OTR. Fashion has always been one of my top priorities and this show was a beautiful chance to build a digital resume of my work in fashion. For this show each scene served as a collection of looks catered toward Beyonce songs and her journey as a musician, thus honoring he On The Run Tour with her husband Jay-Z. As a stylist we were provided with the scene name, the color scheme, and sent to work to create our own looks! I enjoyed the fast paced, high tension nature of the industry that I often report on but have yet to experience until then.
Additionally in the Fall of 2018, I styled a photoshoot that featured myself and my Spelman sister Ariana Valbrun. We worked together to create a contrast and connection through mesh fabrics and opposing outfit fabrications. This shoot is one I am particularly proud of as it shows my nature within editorial work through styling, modeling, and directing. Photos by Julio Cruz
This shoot was inspired by our photographer's love/hate relationship with religion and Christianity. The concept was to contrast the setting of the church with drama and sex appeal that is often shunned upon in religion, especially in the South where the the shoot took place. I styled and directed this shoot with the assistance of my Spelman sister, Ariana Valbrun to create the photographer's story through digital media and fashion. Photos by Julio Cruz. Shot spring 2019.

My Background

Being from Chicago, IL makes up a huge part of who I am as a person. As a child, I moved every two years to different neighborhoods within Chicago's west side in attempts to obtain an envoirment that steered away from the city's toxicity of drugs and gang violence. As teenager, I took a huge leap outside of my comfort zone and went to Lincoln Park High School. LPHS at the time was ranked #4 in the state for higher education standard within AP/IB courses. This leap took me away from my predominately black/brown community into one of the wealthiest, white communities in the city. Going to high school in a community outside of my own taught me tons about diversity, inclusion, and education disparities. As an AP/IB student, I appreciated the rigorous course load that was offered to me. LPHS expects nothing but the best from its students. This gave me an opportunity that no school in my neighborhood could offer me, a fighting chance. Due to the school's rigorous foundation and my own hard work, I was granted the opportunity to attend the college of my dreams. As the oldest of six, nothing makes me happier than being able to provide my siblings with a blue print on how to make it out the cyclical nature of the hood. I strongly pride my background on social hardships, academia, and making it out.

Why did I chose Clark Atlanta University?

I chose to attend the illustrious Clark Atlanta University because, at the time of my college application process, the country was in the midst of Trump-Clinton presidential election. My dream college requirements originally had to offer liberal arts studies while simultaneously providing a traditional college experience. In addition to that, I aimed to stick with small-medium sized institutions small class sizes. These requirements fit various PWIs (Predominately White Institutions) and HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges/Universities), however, I found myself drawn to Clark Atlanta University more than any other institution because everything about it comforted me while the world around me made a drastic change. I knew that Clark Atlanta that would be a safe haven regarding racial discrimination per the results of the presidential election as it shifted the momentum of society as a whole. On top of that safety net, Clark Atlanta always felt like home. From the school website to every Youtube video I watched to observe to school, I knew that Clark Atlanta was homely and ultimately a huge part of my heart. I chose Clark Atlanta University because no other institution would offer such energy, such support, and such security. #CAUForever
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