Top 10 Cities to Visit in America By: ellianna Waldron

#10- Denver, Colorado

Even if visitors can't ski, there are many other options to do year round. Some of these include, going to the Denver Zoo, the Red Rocks Ampitheatre, and the Buffalo Bill Museum. These activities would be fun to try out and to see.

#9- New Orleans, Louisianna

There is always night activity in New Orleans. Weather guests are on a Mississippi River Cruise, or at a Mardi Gras, they are always having fun. These activities would be fun to try out!

#8- Las Vegas, Nevada

The hotels are very cheap. Guests can gamble, shop forever, and try great tasting food. Las Vegas would be a very fun trip with great friends.

#7- Los Angeles, California

The Hollywood sign is in Los Angeles. There are bus tours that can show you the famous celebrities that live under the Hollywood sing. Guests can also go shopping on Rodeo Drive. There are very many cool activities to try in Los Angeles.

#6- New York City

New York City is the place to be. You can see Lady Liberty. New York is known as the Big Apple. You can go to Times Square. They also have activities 24/7 so you don't have to sleep if you don't feel like it!

#5- San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio would be a very fun place to visit! If I went to San Antonio, the #1 thing I would want to do is go to Sea World, ride the rides there, and watch a dolphin show. It would be an amazing experience.

#4- Anchorage, Alaska

The #1 reason I would want to go to Anchorage is because they have the country's largest indoor water park! I have been to Great Wolf Lodge before, and to me, it's huge! I couldn't imagine how big that water park, H2Oasis, is!

#3-Hershey, Pennsylvania

CHOCOLATE WORLD! This is where I want to live, because who doesn't love chocolate? The trip to Hershey would definitely involve me getting souvenirs, but I might eat them!

#2- Honolulu, Hawaii

First of all, Honolulu's beaches are beautiful! The ocean water is so clear you look like you are floating in the air. The skies are a perfect blue with fluffy, white clouds. A trip to Hawaii would be a perfect get away!

#1- Orlando, Florida

Orlando would be a perfect family vacation. There are so many things to do such as: go to Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom, Sea World, Universal Studios, or one of their theme parks. This trip would without a doubt be unforgettable and fun!


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