War of the Roses By: chaytin Lea

The 2 Houses: Lancaster and York

Lancaster is the red rose and they had Henry V, Henry VI, and Henry Tudor ,later Henry VI .

York is the white rose and they had Edward IV, Richard III, the two princes, and their sister Elizabeth of York.

Henry VI vs Edward IV

Henry Vl was mentally ill and lost the hundred years war against the French.

Edward IV was tall, a great military commander , and was a popular king.

Richard III-Guilty or Not

Richard lll was guilty because he wanted to be king and what was standing in his way was his Nephews.

Battle of Bosworth Field

The House of York won the battle after Henry Tudor killed Richard lll

Henry Tudor and the House of Tudor

Henry Tudor did not have a good claim to the throne of England. He killed Richard lll and set peace to England.

He married Edward IV daughter to become king


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