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What We Do

A Ready Made Enterprise Experience

Visable Inc will come to your school or organisation. We will work with your 'press gang' for 6 weekly sessions, supporting them in content creation and selection for your very own magazine.

We will design, produce and deliver up to 5000 copies of YOUR magazine, for you to distribute however you wish. You might even want your young people to start selling them...

As well as creating an online version for you to share, we may also select some of your contributors to feature in OUR bimonthly online magazine, to celebrate with the rest of our reader community.

Why We Do It

Our Core Values


Literacy and creativity are the greatest gifts we can promote in our young people. It is one of the key reasons we were inspired to do this. So it makes sense to ensure as many people as possible can access our pages. We ensure our printed publication is mindful to the needs of our dyslexic, visually impaired, Autistic and MLD readers, by adhering to RNIB guidelines where possible.

We are always exploring new ways of keeping pages visually simple, whilst ensuring content is potentially unlimited


Our magazine is not aimed at one particular group. We want as many young people as possible to have a voice within the pages of our magazine. We want to encourage all young people - paticularly those that consider themselves part of a marginalised group - to feel they have a place to be represented, heard, accepted and celebrated. We want as many people as possible to experience the opportunity of working towards an exciting end goal.

By removing the barriers to access, and ensuring content is written BY and FOR our readers, more young people are likely to feel INCLUDED, and more motivated to get INVOLVED.


A precursor to motivation, inspiration and productivity, the magazine provides purposeful engagement in a way that is meaningful and personal to each young person - whether they are artists, photographers, reporters, poets, sports fanatics, crossword makers, film critics, gaming experts, or even budding advertising sales executives!

A major part of the creative process will be exploring HOW the magazine will engage each individual, rather than the other way around


Publishing the stories, achievements and ideas of our young population is a way of creating understanding, unity, familiarity and cohesion amongst the community - whether this is as a school, organisation, business, county, or even country. And once this recognition is received, the contributor is able to feel like an included and important member of this community, thus raising self-esteem, confidence and a sense of belonging.

We want to shout about the differences between us, because being different is the only thing we have in common. Different is the only normal in any community!


Based on the key essential employment skills, as defined by our partner #SkillsBuilder, the process of us working with your young people to create their magazine will promote progress across the following areas: Listening, Presenting, Problem solving, Creativity, Staying Positive, Aiming High, Leadership and Teamwork. It is also hoped that as students develop confidence in the process, a greater sense of self efficacy will emerge, and the running of your organisation's magazine could continue long after our time with you!

Not only does the magazine share and promote enterprise ideas and work experiences, it IS a valuable work related learning experience in itself.

Next Steps

Visable Inc 2019

In January 2019, we will launch Visable Inc Go, working directly with schools and organisations, whilst continuing the regular publishing of Visable Inc. We hope the enthusiasm, engagement and creativity your young people demonstrate for their own magazine, can also be promoted on a wider scale as we continue to grow nationally.


Like all start ups, your Visable Inc enterprise will need an investor. We believe it is important for young people to be involved in this process too, to truly understand the foundations of entrepreneurship, and the sense of achievement a successful outcome can bring!

To support your organisation in reaching out to the business community, we have put together a package for your to offer corporate sponsors:

But we reckon getting your young people to create their own promotional video will work even better...

Are you ready to 'Visable Inc Go' ?

Visable Inc is produced by The Sand Project, an organisation devoted to promoting and creating opportunities for the SEND community.

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