The Fight Against the Spiny Water Flea by ben winokur

The spiny water flea is a small flea that lives in Europe that was moved to Canada accidentally. scientist classify the spiny water flea in eight different ways each becoming more specific to the spiny water flea characteristics making it more and more different than other species. this table shows how they classify the spiny water flea from what its kingdom is to what its Latin name is.

Behavioral and structural adaptation of the spiny water flea

Structural characteristic

The spiny water flea has four pairs of legs. Its eyes are small black dots on the front of its body. The tallest they can grow is 20 mm. The back of the flea is a long straight tail that is twice as long as its body and contains four pairs of barb. There tail is 70% there body length. There is a small sack on there back which is were they carry there young. They have a hard outer shell for protection. There first pair of legs is longer than other pairs. They can reproduce without mating.

Behavioral characteristics

There aren't many behavioral characteristics of the spiny water flea, One is that they stay at the bottom of the lake during the day. Another is that they use visual cues to find and catch prey.

The spiny water flea comes from Europe but attacks the great lakes.

The spiny water flea's native land is Europe. A army of them got trapped in the hull of a ship that was coming to Canada and when the hull open the flea's got in the great lakes and started to make kids and took over the great lakes. They also started invading boarding lakes in america. They took over more than 100 lakes all over Canada. Now one knows if there are any more lakes than the great lakes that are invested in Canada.

Spiny Water Flea Negative Impacts

There are many different ways that the spiny water flea is causing problems. One of the worst things that the spiny water flea is doing is eating food from other animals that need it. The food they have been taking the most is zooplankton. Also the flea is quickly multiplying all over the great lakes. Also they are making harder for commercial fishing. There sharp tails are cutting through the rope on fishing rods and nets making it hard to real stuff in. Also they can get to new lakes easier by hiding in fishing buckets and equipment.

These are spiny water fleas on a fishing line.

Efforts to control invasion

There isn't much that people can do at the moment to stop the spiny water flea but the government is still doing everything they can to try and stop it. One thing there telling everyone to do is be very vigilant about cleaning there fishing equipment. Also they are telling people when they are done on the lake to drain there motors to get rid of any hitchhiking fleas.Some government official are considering putting electrical fences to stop them even though it will hurt other fishes. Finally the government are teaching people how to identify them and raise awareness.

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