Visual Represention Across content areas

Student Assessment Project: Include pictures of two samples of visual representation. Here are some examples of what to look for in your focal student's math, reading, writing, science and/or social studies journals.

There are many ways teachers can include visual representation.

Use cartoons for discussions and writing projects. case 699

Viewing: A receptive language skill; a child's ability to focus on the teacher, video, screen, book being read aloud, or other focal point of teaching.

Things to Observe: Is the child "attending" or focusing on the teaching focal point?
Body movement - can the child sit still?
Engagement: Is the child engaged in answering questions and participating in conversation when appropriate?
Observe the child's behavior: Teacher speaking to whole group; teaching working with the child in a small group; lesson being taught on screen; video viewing; read alouds; time spent in specials class


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