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The DINFOS Certification program

  • Certification - The formal process that affirms the completion of preparation for duties as a DINFOS instructor.
  • Intern - A person who has graduated ITC, but is not certified.
  • Instructor - A person who has completed the certification process.
  • Mentor - An instructor assigned the responsibility of training an intern.
  • Shadowing - Every intern is required to first observe all classes they will be teaching.
  • Supervised Instruction (a.k.a. Student Contact Hours) - This is where the intern teaches, directs, or coaches students under the supervision of an instructor.

NOTE: Just being in the room, shadowing, and doing administrative duties doesn't count. Supervised instruction may run concurrently with shadowing as long as the mentor is confident the intern has sufficient expertise to handle the instructional activity.

  • Technical Proficiency - Interns must successfully complete the course evaluations (both performance and written) scoring no less than 90 percent in the functional area(s) they will be responsible for teaching.

The process

The P-1

  1. The Intern accumulates approximately 20 hours of supervised instruction. The mentor documents it on the DINFOS Form 303 (Z drive, Reference & Forms.)

2. Mentor conducts an evaluation using the DINFOS Instructor Evaluation Form 304 (Z drive, Reference & Forms.)

3. No-Notice evaluation by department Top 3 (DH, AD, NCOIC) or Master Instructor (MI.)

The P-2

  1. Approximately 20 more hours of supervised instruction documented on the DINFOS Form 303.
  2. Mentor conducts an evaluation using the 304.
  3. No-Notice evaluation by department Top 3 or MI using the 304.

The p-3 (Board)

  1. A total of 60 hours of supervised instruction.
  2. Mentor conducts an evaluation using the 304.
  3. No-Notice evaluation by department AD, someone from FTDO, and a Top 3 or MI from another department.

"A lot of people have gone further than they thought they could because someone else thought they could." ~unknown

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