Should Drones Be Used for Delivery? By: Ethan Palosh

Drones used for delivery is a very controversial topic. Some people think its a great idea and should be developed right away, but some think its a hazard to people, cars, even to pets!

Delivery drones have been tested by multiple companies such as amazon, UPS, Flirty, and dominoes pizza. (Shown above)

People may (will) misuse or mistake them for free targets, free drones, or as shown above, free stuff if you can shoot it!

Another problem with delivery drones is safety. How do we know if the drone will suddenly run out of juice and fall in the middle of the highway? Luckily, many companies are developing software to track GPS (Global Positioning System), battery life, motion sensors, light sensors, temperature sensers, even how long the drones parts can fly before needing to be replaced. The only drone delivery tests done have been in another country because the FAA (Federal Aviation Admidistration) is setting very strict rules around drones and drone delivery."Amazon has been battling the FAA for approval to test drone deliveries, but it has complained the administration’s proposed drone regulations are too strict and hinder innovation of unmanned aircraft." ("Drone Makes First Legal Doorstep Delivery in Milestone Flight." N.p., n.d. Web. 13 Feb. 17.).

In result, we need to support the companies developing the drones and support the idea of drone delivery. Amazon plans for you to be able to order an item online and within 30 mins have it dropped at your front door by a delivery drone. We also need too support laws that will help support and protect the drones making deliveries against vandalism.


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