The Impact of Child Labor and Early Marriage on Education By Emily loscialpo

Article used: Thousands of Children Face Early Marriage and Child Labor as Education Crisis Takes Hold Among Afghan Children Repatriated From Pakistan, by Erin Taylor

Lead from article: "New data from Save the Children reveals an alarming education crisis in Afghanistan, as 3,000 Afghans are repatriated daily from Pakistan, following a tightening in regulations by Pakistani authorities."

The author used a summary lead, since it is very to the point and factual.

My lead: 3,000 Afghans are being repatriated from Pakistan each day.

I used a single-item lead, since it only focuses on one element of a summary lead.

Who- Returnee children in Afghanistan

When- December 2016- today (it is still an ongoing problem!)

What- Help children get back to school and safe from early marriage and child labor

How- Distributing money so Afghan families can buy essentials, supporting children to get back to school, and repairing shelters in Afghanistan for the returnee families.

Where- Afghanistan

Why- There is an education crisis as Agghans are being repatriated from Pakistan. A lot of families are being forced to marry off their daughters or send their children to work in order to survive.

Concluding statement from article- "Afghans have been seeking refuge in Pakistan since the Soviet war in Afghanistan in the 1980s. In 2015 UNHCR estimated there were about 1.5 million Afghans living in Pakistan."

My concluding statement- Save the Children is trying its best to support these returnee families, however, it will take time to reach all of them. If we work together to repair shelters, offer money and household supplies, and encourage returnee children to return to school, we can stop early marriage and child labor.

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