Be the Boss of Your Kitchen Ok you won't be getting any raises but you'll definitely be able to boss your appliances around without even being in the same room!

Time is money. Right? I enjoy keeping mine in my wallet so let's save every second we can together! Why waste time doing things manually? Now we can take cooking to the next time-efficient level…by programming right from our phones.

Enter our weekly appliance _STAR_! Dacor Modernist Series 36" Cooktop with the iQ Kitchen app. Why so grand you ask? First, let's quickly run through the features.

This gas cooktop features 5 dual-stacked sealed brass burners which deliver precise heat. The power of the 18.5K BTU burner and wok ring make under cooked proteins a thing of the past. The Illumina™ knobs glow blue when the burners are on, adding ambiance & elegance not to mention additional safety to the cooktop. Dacor also offers "Diamond-Like-Carbon-Coating". Allow me to elaborate. This means Dacor's cooktop is the industry's only cooktop that offers a heat-resistant, tough, yet beautifully finished, surface.

Impressed? Me too! Now let's dive into the wifi portion of our is our Wifi Connected Appliance blog after all :)

Dacor offers their iQ Kitchen Cooktop app for easy control and monitoring of your appliance. How it works is simply download the app and presto!, you're the Boss...just like that. Now you can order your cooktop to set the timer, lower or raise the power level of each burner and even turn each one on or off. WOO-HOO! This means when you're upstairs running a bath for your kids, you can adjust the heat right from your phone & your tomato sauce will simmer low and slow instead of spilling all over your freshly mopped floors. Hooray for small victories and hooray for Dacor & their innovative technology!

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Cheryl Steacker-Laws

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