Memories Should be Shared Sarah Logan

She loves to escape into the fantasy world that stories provide,

says the hundreds of books upon shelves.

And she spends countless of hours drawing masterpieces,

says the stunning artwork lying on a deep blue pillow in her room.

She is mesmerized by music, savoring every note she plays,

says the beautiful mahogany viola gently laid across the red carpeted floor.

She gets lost in her sport,

says the worn soccer ball by the cleats and goal on the grass.

She loves running and the exhilarating feelings that it gives her,

says her old black running shoes next to her cross country medal.

She prays every night before bed,

says the bottles of Holy Water by the pristine white bible on a table.

And she does all of this alone.

But the pictures on a table say memories should be shared.

And the identical twin beds say family will always be there.

The clock on the wall by the open window says to make time for friends.

The small dog nearby his toys says she will always have a companion,

and that she doesn't have to do everything alone.

For memories are meant to be shared

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