Grissell Hay Photo Journal By Emily SALZHAUER

An awl is a needle but it has a sharper tip than a regular one. They can be used for any type of fabric, but it was especially great for leather. They were introduced to the Powhatans by the English which also introduced other items with metal, and anything else that can't be grown and made in nature. It makes a hole in the fabric, like any other needle, but then you have to put the thread through yourself. An awl has a wooden handle where you hold on to it. The awl could be used to make and fix any fabric or take the place of a needle in almost all situations. An awl was a bit less dangerous since it has a big handle so it isn't as big and won't be lost as easily. An awl is a needle that is better for using in more situations since it can be used in fabrics thick and thin.

This is what a typical Powhatan house would look like back in Jamestown. But these houses were not where the Powhatans would spend their time. They only slept in the house and were inside if they were sick or not feeling well. The Powhatans spent most time in the village square with other families in the community. They cooked, cleaned and socialized there. And since they only were in the house for sleeping, most of the house was taken up by the beds. But they did store furs in the protection of their homes. Powhatan houses in Jamestown were not like what people use houses for in 2017 since they spend it in the village meeting area.


This is the houses of the Powhatan Indians. They didn't spend much time in the houses since they spent most of their time outside in the center of the village. Powhatans basically only slept, and were inside when they were sick. The skeleton is made of young flexible trees that can be bent so they move with the wind and elements but still be strong and hold up. Then they wrap woven straw. The houses provided shelter for the Indians.

The printer printed all of the news in the town and other nearby towns which in the colonies, is a very important job. They would have metal blocks with stamps of all of the letters of the alphabet. To get different sizes and fonts, the blocks had different sizes and fonts. They had to place the blocks in backwards so they would read, when printed, correctly. They put the ink on the ink-ball to put the ink on all of the letter blocks. Since the ink was sticky sometimes the blocks would come up, but once they put it all around, the blocks would basically be set in place. That would be such a problem because the blocks took a very long time to put into place. I sometimes put advertisements for the tavern in the paper. I love how the scent of ink greets you at the door ad you enter. Also, on occasion, I get the newspaper for my guests to read since it isn't affordable to everyone. And, since people put advertisements for their businesses in taverns, sometimes I have to pick up advertisements for the tavern.

This is the Governor's Palace. I, being a middling class woman, would be honored to visit the palace, though I know that the likelihood of going inside the other more intriguing rooms would probably not happen. When I asked for permission to open the tavern, I went to the Governor's Palace. The only room that I saw was the foyer so I can't even start to imagine what the other rooms would look like. Even in the foyer, the walls are covered with intricately woven together weapons. They have so much wealth that they can spend lots and lots of money on weapons that they can buy very expensive swords that just lay around in their foyer. They are in perfect shape and can be used, but they just lay around for display to show all who enter their house that they are wealthy. I hope that someday I will have that much money so I can rest since working my own tavern is a big undertaking to do all by myself. I know that they are all extravagant and must be overwhelming to just a person of the middling class.


By Emily Salzhauer

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