Trouble in paradise? The french revOlUtion begins and things go wrong.

Destiny Cyr

As things go wrong long-standing resentments against the French monarchy fueled anger throughout France. The source of the French people's ill will could be found in the unbalance structure of French government and society. One of the main reasons for this uprising to begin is the inequalities in society. The old order is making everything fall apart. The king praises himself and the citizens disagree. King Louis XVI accused of living to lavishly, and his wife is worse than him.

If things couldn't get any worse we're losing money. We're so far in debt, there's no turning back. Now he's trying to take the second estate for his mistakes. This causes trouble in the kingdom and with the savilians. Even better after the storm had happened all food and firewood was scarce. The drought isn't really helping. On top of this all of our people are trying to give the king their ideas and that causes trouble for us.

Here we are after the revolution, many things have changed. New rights have been formed to protect the people in France. This means all men are born equal and remain equal before the law. Thanks to this people are starting to think they can run this town. With this being said they had to make a new government to overthrow our people as a whole. But good news is the king has less power.

With the reign of terror things are getting in order. People have a fear of being sentenced to the guillotine. Things are slowly setting back into place. The order is coming into place and the people are respecting the authority. The king should be getting his work together. Yet the people still seem to be revolting due to fear.

With hearing the words England goes crazy. They revolt and try to assissinate napolean. They are one of the most angriest people in this party. Their reaction is one of the worst there is. No one agreed with what was happening and thought that that everyone was stupid for sticking with napolean. That's not the worst part, they tried to invade.

America reacted in a different way, they were with napolean. They supported him and thought his efforts were smart. They thought that the French were trying to be like them, So they had high hopes for them.

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