This month we had to prepare for the mobility in Italy


Original title: Il servitore di due padroni

Author: CARLO GOLDONI ( Venice 1707-1793)

The Servant of Two Masters is one of his earliest plays; it was written in 1743 The Italian theater of that day was dominated by the improvising actors who wore the traditional masks, and in the original form of this play the comic scenes were left to the actor's own invention.


The play begins in the Venetian inn, where a party is underway to celebrate the engagement of Clarice, daughter of Pantalone, to Silvio, son of the Doctor after learning that the promised husband was killed in a duel by Florindo, Beatrice's lover.

Florindo runs away, and Beatrice, in men's clothes, goes to Venice in search of the beloved.

Beatrice has a servant - Arlecchino - who secretly becomes Florindo's servant, causing a series of comic misunderstandings and mix-ups.

In the end, all of the couples are set to be happily married.

Here you can find a video with the beauty of Venice:

Even though the current context of the pandemic we could no longer carry out our mobility in Italy, we continued to work with students doing online theater and music classes.

The students had online classes every Monday a Wednesday.

In the first two weeks, the students met and discovered the characters they are going to play
The next week, the students learned how to make their own masks following jorge's instructions.
after that, they learned how to add the nose and how to paint their mask
finally, the students made their own masks
also, they learned how to play their character
and how to play the songs

Even we had to stay at home, we continued to communicate and to work together to prepare the play

because you already know...