Sub Sahara Africa By: Megan Houston & Joseph brewington

Land Use:

The main way that Sub-Sahara Africa used land is subsistence farming. This would cause problems because they are only generating enough for their use. They also do not sell enough to make any earnings off of what they sell. The difference between commercial farming and subsistence farming is that subsistence farming if for your family's particular use. Now subsistence commercial farming is a large-scale farming for a benefit.

Natural Resources:

Sub-Sahara Africa has a lot of good and profitable resources. Two of their most valuable resources are gold and diamonds. THERE IS A LOT OF GOLD FOUND IN AFRICA!! There is about half of the world's gold in Sub-Sahara Africa. There is so much that the price of gold went down for years.

Democratic Republic of Congo:

Democratic Republic of Congo is left as one of the most bankrupted populations in the world. Tin, Tanalum, and Tungsten are 3 "T" minerals that the Democratic Republic of Congo have. Also gold and electronic devices are products that thay go into making that is in very immense demand around the world. One reason why they are on of the poorest populations is because instead of buying things like food they buy weapons. They also force people to work, and smuggle then sell the minerals. Also they bribe corrupt leaders to stay out of it.

GDP Per Captia

Mauritius, South Africa, Botswana, Seychelles, and Nambia are the five communities with the highest GDP per capita. In order it is Mauritius with $12,800, South Africa with $11,100, Botswana with $9,200, Seychelles with $7,800, and Nambia with $7,300. There is 16 nations with a GDP per capita below $1,000. There is a lot of countries with a higher standard of living. Some of the reasons are there is better health care and of course you can't forget natural resources.

Life Expectancy

28 out of 31 countries in the whole entire world with based life expectancy, Sub-Sahara Africa is out of 28 of them!! There is a reason for this to. The main reason for this is HIV/Aids.

Powerful Trading Empires

The three West African kingdoms were Ghana, Mali, and Songhai. They were in power from 800 CE - 1600 CE. The trade network they participated in was the Trans-Saharn trade network. What they traded was gold and salt.

Slaves and Trans-Saharan Trade Network

Muslims could not have othre muslims as slaves. Thye primarily used gol and salt for trading for slaves. It is easier for slaves inslaved by muslims because they could get married and have kids and the kids would not have to be slaves. They could have their own slaves, it is easier for them to regain their freedom, plus they can have their own land.

King Mansa Musa and Timbuktu

Mansa Musa was a really powerful king. Mansa Musa was a Muslim. In 1325 Mansa Musa went to Mecca, and he was acclaimed too! There was 60,000 people and 80 camels carrying 300 pounds of gold. Timbaktu established the city of Islmaic learning.

IBN Battuta: Explorer

Ibn Battuta was 21 years old when he was traveling. The city he set from was Tangier. He traveled 75,000 miles from Tangier. It took him 30 years to explore!!!!!! When Idn Battuta done traveling he put all of his writings together and made a book.

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