City of Covington Weekly Report Week Ending October 4, 2020


The Annual Pink-Out Concert was held at Legion Field on Friday, October 2 and featured the band Wren and the Wravens. Thank you for everyone who attended and decked out their cars and themselves in PINK! This was the final drive-in concert for the season but look for Live at Lunch Concerts on the Square throughout October on Thursdays! Select the button below to visit the Newton County Arts Association website for an event calendar.
Thank you to all the attendees and the sponsors of the Pink Out Drive-In Concert at Legion Field!

There was a called meeting of the Covington City Council on Tuesday, September 29, 2020 to discuss an ice skating rink at Legion Field and view a presentation via Zoom regarding the Georgia Conservancy’s Housing and Land Use Study. Due to COVID-19, the meeting was only available to the public via teleconference. Click on the link below to view the video of the September 29th called meeting.

The City of Covington has partnered with ClearGov, a transparency platform, to launch an infographic-based fiscal dashboard. The new tool is optimized for complete accessibility, as defined by the ADA, and provides taxpayers an easy-to-understand, visual breakdown of the city's finances, as well as insights into the demographics and more. Click on the button below to view the City of Covington's ClearGov page.


Congratulations to the City's Finance Department on being awarded the Government Finance Officers Association Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting for its comprehensive annual financial report for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2019.

  • Staff entered 279 invoices for payment to vendors
  • The city issued 153 checks for 260 invoices
  • Accounting department entered 91 journal entries to record transactions of the city
  • Staff sent 37 invoices to customers for miscellaneous transactions
  • The city issued 228 payroll checks to employees for bi-weekly payroll
  • Staff attended 4.5 hours of training and Senior Accountant and Assistant Finance Director each took exam for GAPPT Seventh Annual Trustee School


Total Transactions Completed By Customer Service Representatives: 2,018


  • 4,124 bills processed
  • 280 work orders completed
  • Four meter/ert changes
  • 337 disconnects for non-pay
  • 334 reconnects


• Total purchase orders issued – current month - 106

• Total purchase orders issued – current budget year - 1,178


  • WRF Evaluation RFP: Under Review
  • Conyers Street Gym RFP: Out for bid
  • Annual concert series RFP: Out for bid
  • Recreational Programming Partner RFP: Out for bid
  • HVAC System: Out for bid


  1. There were no court sessions during this week.
  2. 39 new citations were processed and filed in the court.
  3. A total of $2,749.00 in fines and fees were collected from mail and web payments and in-person counter payments.
  4. Two warrant dismissals were verified that warrant removal was completed accurately.
  5. There were four open record requests, two certified disposition requests and one DDS suspension withdrawal processed.
  6. A total of 181 separate case files for the week were scanned into Courtware Software.
  7. A total of zero cases were disposed of.
  8. The office has received 186 emails and responded to 80 emails from internal and external customers.
  9. There were 170 calls made to and received from telephone customers.
  10. Mailed out 60+ packets with solicitor’s recommendation for entering a plea.
  11. Meeting with Steve Hall from City's IT Department.
Assistant City Clerk Tiffany Johnston fills in for City Clerk Audra Gutierrez at the Called Meeting on 9/29/20.
  • Deputy Clerk Tiffany Johnston prepared October 5, 2020 City Council Meeting Agenda
  • Prepared October 5, 2020 Council Meeting packet and notes
  • Attended a tour of Three Ring Studios (pictured below)
  • Fielded 28 phone calls
Three Rings Studio Tour


Congratulations to the City's Electric Department for receiving the American Public Power Association (APPA) Mutual Aid Commendation for their work in Welsh, Louisiana after Hurricane Laura in September. The Mutual Aid Commendation was established in 2018 to recognize public power utilities that have answered the call for assistance and aided another community in restoring power to its customers. The City of Covington participates in the American Public Power Association’s Mutual Aid Network, which coordinates with utilities and authorities during widespread power outages. The City sent a combined total of nine personnel to Welsh, Louisiana after being contacted by the Municipal Electric Authority of Georgia (MEAG). Congratulations and great job!
  • Completed 18 lighting service orders
  • Installed five LED lights
  • Completed ten permanent and four temporary power service orders
  • Replaced two overhead services
  • Completed two low line service orders
  • Completed 20 right-of-way service orders
  • Installed two underground services
  • Completed nine outage/trouble calls
  • Set two single phase primary poles (Perry Alley reconductoring)
  • Covington Legends project: Energized two 750 kVA transformers (temporary power)
  • Three Ring Studios: Installed 24 permanent power meters

Pictured: Cameron Rusk works on a pole for a reconductoring on Perry Alley


  • 22 CCTV advertisements
  • Scheduled local programming
  • Updated the local access channels with COVID-19 information
  • Answered and returned customer calls and emails
  • Replaced cat-5 cable in the shop building
  • Spliced fibers for a Versa Collector
  • Pole replacement on Conyers Street for fiber transfer

Pictured: Chris Spohn works on a line during the Perry Alley reconductoring


Congratulations to the City's Natural Gas Department for winning the Marketing Excellence Award for 2019 from the Municipal Gas Authority of Georgia (MGAG). The award is for Marketing Excellence in recognition of the Highest Customer Growth Percentage. Scott Tolleson (pictured left), Josh Stull (pictured right), Steve Edwards and Rai Trippe from MGAG presented the award to Natural Gas Director Mike Jewell and Covington Utilities Administrative Assistant Stacy Walden (pictured center). Great job!
  • Responded to four emergency leak calls.
  • Completed twenty seven CP readings
  • Completed two inspections and unlock requests.
  • Replaced one ERT.
  • Inserted two services (pictured).
  • Completed two demos.
  • Repaired two leaks.
  • Completed maintenance and repairs on three gas valves.
  • Flagged three services for installs.
  • Completed maintenance on the compressors and tanks at the CNG facility (pictured).
Top row: Gary Cook (left) and Joe Johnson check equipment at the CNG Station. Second row: Jeremy LaGuins cuts into the pavement on Old Monticello to begin repair on a gas leak. Third row: Ryan Zontek (left) starts breaking up the cement while Darryl Bailey retrieves a tool from his truck; Fourth row: Matt Launder (left) digs a hole while Natural Gas Director Mike Jewell discusses the project with Brant Sweat; and Fifth row: Dalton Chappelear welds a piece of pipe that will help fix the gas leak.


After 35+ years, the pumps at the LAS received some new paint. The internal parts are routinely maintained but the outer casings were showing its age. Contractors covered the (2) 400 HP motors and cleaned and primed the centrifugal style pumps. The pumps and piping were then painted with a protective enamel paint. Ready for another 35!

Zach McKibben freshens up the paint on a fire hydrant.
  • Three orders to check water leak
  • Three orders to repair water leak
  • One order to install new gasket and reset meter boxes
  • Two orders to locate water tap
  • One order to open valve for water tank
  • Two orders to replace water meter lid
  • Six orders to change out meter
  • Three orders to rewire water meter
  • Two orders to locate water meter
  • One order to flush water tank

Pictured: Installing a new sewer tap for 12 Oaks Bed and Breakfast

  • One order to drain water tank
  • One order to flush fire hydrant
  • One order to turn off water service
  • One order to lay out new water service
  • One order to repair manhole
  • Two orders to locate sewer tap
  • One order to install new sewer tap
  • Four orders to locate sewer problem
  • One order to locate sewer main

Pictured: McElroy Grading installing a new set of meter vaults at the new Eastside High School


Luis “Big Lu” (standing center) and his crew from IPR Southeast finishing up the last sections of Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP) Lining for the Engineering/Stormwater Department. CCIPP is a minimally invasive, trenchless rehabilitation solution for failing stormwater pipes.


Chelsey Rice completed the APCO Communications Training Officer Course. The APCO Institute’s Communications Training Officer (CTO) course focuses on the development and maintenance of an agency’s one-on-one training program and provides the training necessary to foster levels of consistency for CTOs as they provide on-the-job training to new hires. Great job Chelsey!

Chelsey Rice

Total CAD Calls Received: 1,628

All employees were given new masks with the Covington-Newton County 911 Logo on them. Pictured below are B-Team (top left), C-Team (bottom left) and D-Team.

Total Agency Calls Generated: 1,846

Total Law Calls Generated: 1,433 (77.62%)

  • Covington Police Department: 441 (23.88%)
  • Covington Marshal's Office: 0 (0.00%)
  • Newton County Animal Control: 20 (1.08%)
  • Newton County Sheriff's Office: 899 (48.69%)
  • Oxford Police Department: 21 (1.13%)
  • Porterdale Police Department: 52 (2.81%)

Fire Calls Generated: 166 (8.99%)

  • Covington Fire Department: 44 (2.38%)
  • Newton County Fire: 122 (6.60%)

NEWTON EMS CALLS: 247 (13.38%)

Michael Canty, a police officer with the Covington Police Department, and Myla Canty, a communications officer at Covington-Newton County 911, are shown here “twinning” with their masks on. Michael and Myla are twins and started at both agencies around the same time.



  • FMO Fuqua working on suppression
  • Completed three plan reviews
  • Completed one fire protection system inspection
  • Completed eight compliance inspections
  • Completed four annual inspections
  • Issued three burn permits (two residential and one commercial)


  • Processed open records/incident request
  • Ordered supplies
  • Continued contacting and sending invites to external stakeholders
  • Corresponded with team leader for Pasadena Fire Department accreditation team
  • Sent out October birthday and anniversary recognition memo
  • Attended Kiwanis Zoom
  • Approved purchase orders and Invoices in BSA
  • Uploaded final list of stakeholders into strategic plan SharePoint page
  • Sent new vendor packets to caterers for upcoming stakeholder meetings


The CFD assisted with dive operations at Lake Jackson. Pictured are FF Mizell and FF Madsen at the dive ops scene.
  • Released 3rd quarter training report
  • Assisted with Dive Operations (pictured above)
  • Continued working with policies in Lexipol
  • Taught Blue Card Function 4
The City of Covington Police Department participated in Transportation Day at First Methodist Church Preschool. Land App employee Kyle Bouchillon enjoyed Transportation Day visit with his son Hutson.


  1. On September 28, CPD patrol officers responded to Chili’s in reference to stalking. A male was subsequently arrested for violating his TPO and charged with aggravated stalking under the Family Violence Act (FVA).
  2. On September 29, Department of Public Safety Motor Carrier division recovered a stolen Acura from Wellington Apartments via the use of Lojack. The vehicle was later determined to have been used in an armed robbery in DeKalb County. The vehicle was turned over to DeKalb County Police Department.
  3. On September 29, CPD officers responded to Bridgestone to an argument call. A female was terminated by Wagner Services and refused to leave the property while pacing the parking lot causing a scene. She had been given an hour to leave prior to officers being called. The female was agitated and Officer Stott attempted to deescalate the situation to no avail. She was subsequently arrested for criminal trespass and disorderly conduct.
  4. On October 2, CPD officers responded to the AT&T store on Hwy. 142 to a report of shots fired. Upon arrival, officers spoke with the complainant who stated that while inside the store, he heard two gun shots outside. In the adjacent parking lot, officers located some money which was scattered in the dirt parking area to the south of the store. Officers also located two spent shell casings in close proximity to the currency. Video surveillance from a nearby business showed a red Dodge Challenger and a Silver Crew Cab Silverado meeting up in the parking lot. One person exited the truck and another exited the challenger. They both met at the truck briefly and surveillance caught them running to the vehicles. The Challenger left the area and was followed by the truck. Suspects, victims or a motive for the incident were unable to be determined. CID was notified and worked the scene. They took several statements from witnesses.
  5. On October 3, CPD officers responded to 10130 Alcovy Road at the Super 8 in reference to an entering auto in progress. As officers arrived, the male fled on foot. Officers then chased the subject from the Super 8 to the Waffle House on foot. During the foot chase, officers tased the subject several times with no success. They had to wrestle with him. While arresting the suspect, one CPD officer was hurt. He was checked out and later returned to duty. The suspect was booked into the county jail.
  6. On October 4, CPD officers responded to an accident with injuries at MLK Jr. Drive and Hwy. 278 where a 64-year-old female was involved in a single vehicle accident. The female possibly passed out due to a medical emergency and her vehicle left the roadway. The vehicle struck a pole. The female suffered a fractured leg and was transported by EMS.


CID Sgt. Allan Seebaran examined Person Crimes and Property Crimes CID detectives worked for September 28, 2020 to October 4, 2020 and compared them with the previous two years. He found the following results:

i. PERSON CRIMES: From September 28 – October 4, 2018, there were six reported person crimes; from September 28 – October 4, 2019, there were eight reported person crimes; and from September 28 – October 4, 2020, there were five reported person crimes. There was a 33% increase (from six to eight) in reported person crimes from September 28 – October 4, 2018 to September 28 – October 4, 2019. There was a 37% decrease (from eight to five) in reported person crimes from September 28 – October 4, 2019 to September 28 – October 4, 2020. There was a 16% decrease (from six to five) in reported person crimes from September 28 – October 4, 2018 to September 28 – October 4, 2020.

ii. PROPERTY CRIMES: From September 28 – October 4, 2018, there were 17 reported property crimes,; from September 28 – October 4, 2019, there were 17 reported property crimes; and from September 28 – October 4, 2020, there were 16 reported property crimes. There was no change in reported property crimes from September 28 – October 4, 2018 to September 28 – October 4, 2019. There was a 6% decrease (from 17 to 16) in reported property crimes from September 28 – October 4, 2019 to September 28 – October 4, 2020. There was a 6% decrease (from 17 to 16) in reported property crimes from September 28 – October 4, 2018 to September 28 – October 4, 2020.


The three police recruits are in their second week of the Police Academy in Athens and are doing well.

Sunset at the airport
Sunset picture by Kristy Young
Sneak peek into the Planning and Zoning Department including Building Official Daniel Brown and License and Permitting Specialist Jennifer Hise.




  • Worked with actuaries and attorneys on Defined Benefit Plan amendments
  • Facilitating the new Shared Leave Bank policy
  • Audited pay data submitted for pension
  • Reviewed benefit bills and invoices
  • Worked on Quarterly Report for new hires, promotions and retirements
  • Worked on Assistant City Manager recruitment and application review
  • Mediated personnel issues
  • Brainstorming ideas on upcoming training


  • Providing quality customer care to our employees and retirees
  • Reviewing applications for vacant positions
  • Scanning of HR files
  • Monitoring the coronavirus pandemic and listening to professionals about proper return to work protocols
  • Coordinating the Diversity & Inclusion Training event – instructors, venue, tables, chairs, etc.
  • Handling FMLA, Worker’s Compensation and COVID-19 claims
  • Scheduling and conducting interviews for vacant position and compiling appropriate documents
  • Preparing for upcoming Assistant City Manager interview process
  • Auditing all employee benefits: invoicing accuracy, vendor satisfaction, etc.


  • Police Officer
  • 911 Communication Tech


The atrium mural is close to completion (top left); DJ Waller, Tourism Coordinator, delivers a police siren from a 1970's police car to the museum; and Ron Carter, Welcome Center Coordinator, helps assemble cases for the Welcome Center.
  • Atrium mural nears completion (pictured above)
  • September visitor numbers compiled and submitted to State Regional Visitor Information Center office
  • New water filter/dispenser installed
  • Mannequins assembled to continue work on film museum
  • Discussion of exterior planters with local garden club
  • Looking into fall décor for Welcome Center


On Saturday, October 17, Downtown Covington has an event for the entire family! Join us from 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. for a “Sideline” Sale and to watch football on our outdoor big screen! Come shop, grab a bite to eat, have a drink and enjoy the games.
  • Met with representative from Oxford College to discuss future partnerships
  • Presented ice skating rink plan to City Council for approval
  • Updated permit for special events in city limits
  • Created and distributed marketing materials for OctoberFest downtown shopping promotion
  • Hosted meeting with businesses and members of community to plan Christmas events
  • Compiled weekly report for week ending September 27, 2020
  • Updated website and social media
  • Filmed Called Meeting on 9/29/20 and uploaded to website
  • Central Park playground is under construction (pictured below)
  • Paving of the Cricket Frog Trail has been completed to Washington Street (pictured below)
Top photo: Central Park playground is close to being completed. Middle row: Legion Field was busy the weekend of October 2nd, including a baby shower held in the Legion Field Building. Congratulations to the Knox Family! Bottom corner: The Cricket Frog Trail has been paved around to Washington Street, just past Hester's Package Store.


Always hunting for a good diner, this one has it all. Clues in the pictures! Where am I?

Halloween is just around the corner and there have been no restrictions placed on this year's holiday in Covington. However, the CDC has some recommended guidelines to follow if celebrating Halloween including low and moderate risk ideas to keep you and your loved ones safe. There's no reason to make Halloween scarier than it already is by including COVID-19 in your plans!

  • If trick or treating, participate in one-way trick-or-treating where individually wrapped goodie bags are lined up for families to grab and go while continuing to social distance (such as at the end of a driveway or at the edge of a yard).
  • Carve or decorate pumpkins with members of your household and display them. If you want to carve pumpkins with neighbors or friends, do it outside at a safe distance.
  • Have a virtual Halloween costume contest or attend a costume party held outdoors where protective masks are used and people can remain more than 6 feet apart.
  • Have a Halloween movie night with people you live with or have an outdoor Halloween movie night with local family friends with people spaced at least 6 feet apart.
  • Go to an open-air, one-way, walk-through haunted forest where appropriate mask use is enforced, and people can remain more than 6 feet apart.

“Normal” Halloween activities such as traditional trick-or-treating, indoor haunted houses, crowded Halloween parties indoors and going on hayrides with people not from your family are considered high risk activities and should be avoided.

For complete information on the CDC's suggested Halloween guidelines, please select the button below.

Remember to continue following the "Four for Fall" steps (and wearing a mask means one that covers your nose and mouth, not your Halloween mask!) to continue to decrease the spread of COVID-19:

֎ Wear A Mask

֎ Social Distance

֎ Wash Your Hands

֎ Follow Public Health and State guidelines


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