St. Ignatious katie coagrove

How St. Ignatius reformed the church.

St.Ignatius of Loyola-guided by the holy spirit-taught followers a special ways to give their hearts and mind to God in prayer.

He emphasized that when talking to God, we can talk to him as if talking to a friend.

He developed a simple form a meditation.

The practice is often called the daily examem.

The five types of meditation were stillness, gratitude, reflection, sorrow and hopefulness.

How the church can continue to grow.

The church can grow in many ways from what St. Ignatius did.

By giving the church different ways to reflect to God, that helped people come closer to him, and for other to start learning more about God.

Everything he did was about connecting people to God, and his ways of teaching worked. His teachings have been passed on and now we can use his teachings as others did.

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