How old were you when you started school?What kind of school did you attend?Do you have any memories of that time?

What kind of changes would you make to your country education system?

Do you think studying a second language should be compulsory or optional in schools?

Are you for or against wearing a uniform at school? What are the advantages and disadvantages of wearing one?

Do you think students with learning disabilities should attend mainstream lessons?

Have you ever needed a tutor to help you keep up with your studies?

When you were in the high school, were your teachers committed to integrating technology in their lessons?

Are vocational schools popular in your country?

What are some of the most common problems in schools? Please, rate them


-lack of parent involvement

-alcohol/drug abuse

-physical conflicts

-student apathy

disrespect for teachers


Can you add any others?

Say whether you agree or disagree with the following, giving reasons

The best teachers should be sent to the worst schools

Curriculums should be made more fun

Teachers should be trained to teach

Teachers should also be evaluated every 10 years

Exams are a waste of time and should be abolished

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