SHeaden one point perspective project

My first cityscape was not successful because i did not finish my drawing like i should have on time. The lines on this building created the shape of a rectangle to represent buildings. This did not turn out very well because i did not take my time and do everything like I should have.

In my second cityscape which you see above was supposed to be a city but things did not work out correctly. It was not successful because my lines were not used correctly like they should have been.

The picture you see above are some buildings that i was drawing, this drawing was going to represent a city such as New York or another big city across the world .

1. Before this assignment I knew nothing about impressionist painters or pointillism. I have never heard of impressionist or pointillism.

2.During this assignment i learned how to use pointillism, i learned not to over use colors, not to do super long marks and i also learned how not to blend the colors together. The function of pointillism is to create a sense of a color by using many different colors without blending them but by making marks of each color beside another color.

3.Pointillism is making little marks of similar colors beside each other to create a sense of one color. In my fantasy building project i used pointillism to color my barn and all the other objects i have on my picture.

4.Impressionist were accomplishing a sensation from their instinct.

This painting is by Gustave Caillebotte , the name of it is paris street, rainy day made in 1877.

This painting was created by Gustave Caillebotte. He was hoping to accomplish depicted themes unlike other artist who were trained. In this painting i see people walking around town on a rainy day.

The lines in this painting are very intense on some objects such as the umbrella. The shapes in this painted are expressed by his lines. The texture of the ground is very emphasized and also the texture of the umbrellas are expressed.

The elements used in this painting are useful because without lines and shapes in this painting the painting would not be as successful as it is today. He described the figures in his art work not just this painting but the other paintings he created.

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