Juke Box Love Song Zacc Washington

Hughes uses imagery, personification, and rhyme to enhance the tone and feel of his poem. He uses imagery in the way that he describes the numerous facets of Harlem nightlife. He creates a vivid picture of a bustling, glowing scene of cars, lights, dance and music in the mind of the reader. Hughes uses personification in that he is taking inanimate concepts such as "the Harlem night" and wrapping it around somebody as if it were a blanket. He discusses taking "Harlem's heartbeat", and then playing that as a record. Hughes uses this technique to create a certain profundity to the things he's discussing. By talking about them in this abstract way Hughes is depicting them as magical and wondrous. Lastly, Hughes uses rhyme to give his poem an upbeat feel and to cause the words to flow elegantly and gracefully, as a night in Harlem might.

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