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Multimedia is a combination of of different media that involves technology and internet. Its used for communication and entertainment. My collage demonstrates the variety of platforms that have different purposes such as gaming, movies, social networking and more.
these pictures are clear examples of surrealism. the first image is by the masked graffiti artist Banksy who states world problems through his creative street art. the second (bottom left) unusual photo shopped art is a house made of bread, which is an illusion. last but not least the famous Salvador Dali and his melting clocks surrealistic painting. Dali is known for his crazy, imaginative, out of proportion art that has been around for years.
photo 1 - i drew the avocado head. photo 2 - i did the mermaid tail. photo 3 - i drew the normal human body.
This surreal image is called avocado as it is an avocado with heels and candy cane arms, with emoji eyes.
This surreal image is called annoying orange mermaid has the tail of a mermaid with a banana body and the annoying orange head.
This surreal image is called flying whale as it has the body of a whale, wings and human legs. I liked this idea because its an animal/human

I enjoy Photoshop because its fun and easy to use once you learn it. I found that i kept forgetting to do simple things like to duplicate the background and stuff but after a while i got the hang of it. my favorite tool is the marquee tool because its fun and easy to use.


Created with images by tpsdave - "panorama sunrise dawn"

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