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Five-Image Story

Five Image Series


What would you say the importance of telling stories through photography is?

Stories are typically told in a word to paper format. In photography, stories are not told by words on a paper, but by the actions done in the photograph. As the saying goes, "Actions speak louder than words." This saying is mostly true. Sure, one might be able to vision a scenario described in a story, but seeing it happen in images makes it more believable and realistic. Telling stories with photographs allows for the photographer to play with the props that are laid out in front of him, and he is able to show the physical form along with the metaphorical form of his story through image. For example, seeing a bird flying in a picture is a bird flying in its physical form, but maybe the photo has a deeper meaning. Maybe the bird symbolizes an individual life and the sky that it is in means the bird's life span. Photography is just as useful as a tool to tell stories as a pen and paper are.

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