Successes, Failures, and Legacy of Reconstruction Austin coose

The period of Reconstruction was a time in which America made great strides towards racial equality following the conflicts between the North and South during the Civil War. Many Historians still ask what were the failures, successes, and legacy of Reconstruction. Although there were clear failures of Reconstruction, the successes created a Legacy of the first steps in the direction of racial equality in America.

The 14th Amendment was passed and granted Citizenship to all people born in the United States, including African Americans. While this was a great step for African Americans, it was not supported by President Andrew Jackson. This lack of support from many Politically powerful men was something Reconstruction failed to fix. African Americans faced oppression from whites led by politicians for far too many years after being freed from slavery.
The 13th Amendment of the Constitution granted freedom to slaves. This was a huge success of Reconstruction. Slavery being abolished throughout the entire United States gave hope to African Americans. It was the first step towards equality and this amendment during Reconstruction forced all states to outlaw slavery, including the South.
The 15th Amendment to the Constitution granted African Americans the right to vote. This established the Legacy of Reconstruction by allowing African Americans to have a say in their future and the future of their Country. By having a say in who would govern them, the United States was attempting to grant total equality to African Americans. They were not only allowing them to have a say in the present, but ensuring they would continue to be heard into the future.

Ever since African Americans were freed from slavery they have been fighting for equality. Similarly to Reconstruction, they also made progression towards equality through the Civil Rights movements. While these progressions were significant, they still did not gain the equality that they are entitled to as American citizens and human beings. These movements show great strides towards equality but only to a limited extent.

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