Polish unique words and phrases that are hard to translate Urszula Siemakowicz Pre-IbA


  • simply " building " in English
  • It refers to a very specific kind of old stone building that is in Poland


  • as " umpteen " or " many " referring to English
  • implies to a number between 12 and 19


  • In the context means " fine " or "good", but pogodnie is saying specifically about the weather
  • In Polish we say that ' the weather is pogodnie ', which phrase in English means literally like ' the weather is weather '


  • as ' Bon appetite ' or ' enjoy your meal '
  • this word comes from the other word ' tasty'

Bułka z masłem

  • a bun with butter in English
  • it is an expression that means something ' easy ' or ' very simple' to make, do

Prosto z mostu

  • In English ' straight from the bridge'
  • It means to be ' blunt' or speak directly to someone


  • In English can be 'dumplings'
  • It refers to a specific traditional Polish dish which Poles eat especially during Christmas, but also in the normal day
  • One of the most popular dishes in Poland

Narobić bigosu

  • ' To make bigos'
  • Bigos is one of the traditional dishes in Poland made of meat and cabbage stew
  • The expression means to ' make a mess'

Myśleć o niebieskich migdałach

  • 'Thinking of the blue almonds'
  • It is phrase that is used sarcastically to a person who is not paying attention while he/she is speaking
  • It is daydreaming


  • In English as ' voivodeship', ' province'
  • Refers to the 16 territorial divisions in Poland and in each voivodeship involves big cities that includes presidents in each big city

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