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This past week, we have had to start writing and planning for our full research paper. This week has been very difficult for me because of the amount of assignments so many of my instructors have given me. Right now, I am writing this paragraph at a heated temperature because I have so much to do and my computer just won't work with me. The loading symbol keeps taunting me going around and around in circles. This is where my persistence needs to overcome my frustration.

Being persistent is defined as "to go on resolutely or stubbornly in spite of opposition, importunity, or warning" (Merriam-Webster). I chose to use a dictionary as one of my sources because I did not know what the word persistent truly meant. But, after reading the definition, I realized that persistence is shown in my very busy week. No matter the circumstances I am in, I always try to push myself through the tougher moments so I can come out believing I achieved something.

One of my favorite stories about not giving up is the story of the famous head coach of Clemson football, Dabo Swinney. In summary, Dabo went through hell with an alcoholic father, divorced parents, poverty, etc. But, now he is a multimillionaire doing exactly what he loves to do. This past January he led the Clemson football team to winning the National Championship, an amazing honor. I chose this article about his life because, obviously, I am a huge Clemson, football, and Dabo fan, but also because his persistence in his life truly is an example to me. (Schlabach)

In conclusion, I am going to use my now understanding of persistence to push through the times I think I have it bad. I will also use persistence in my writing to come. I may hit a roadblock or two (or a lot more), but I will proceed to do the best I can.

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