Guide to writing introspection

This is a collection of questions to help you overcome the "blank-page" syndrome. Their purpose is to help you gain coherence but also to keep you from overanalysing.

Be truthful and have fun!

Zooming on the relationships we have with our lovers and friends...

How can I find balance and trust in my relationships?

1. Is my friend basically a happy person?

2. Do we want the same type of relationship?

3. Can I make this person feel better about themselves?

4. Does he or she have a sense of humor?

5. Is he or she consistent in his or her actions?

6. Can I make this person feel better in our relationship?

6. How well does he or she listen to me or to others?

7. Am I afraid to disagree with him or her?

8. How do we manage conflict together?

9. Do we have similar life priorities?

10. Are we truly friends, despite not always being on the same page?

Now, zooming out and in to the working sphere, the place where we act, create and influence the world with our actions. The honing of skills we sometimes feel obliged to develop.


  1. Do I help others with my activity?
  2. What types of skills do I develop through my routine?
  3. What did I become good at?
  4. What else can I do with my skills?
  5. Do I want to explore complementary or totally different skills?
  6. How can I correlate skills with opportunities?
  7. What keeps my inner fire burning?
  8. What brought me most benefits so far?
  9. Do I need a plan or a moment of appreciation?
Leave your legacy..

Zooming out of the working space, we enter the areas of resistance to change and addiction patterns.


Cutting through the unnecessary..

There's a cycle of protection and a cycle of exposition, time of letting in and time of letting go.

Implication and detachment. Creation and destruction.

Free your mind and the rest will follow.

Identifying the cause of stress.

1. Is this a legitimate concern?

2. Will this happen whether I worry about it or not?

3. Are there steps I can take to prepare for the perceived outcome?

4. Can I imagine another outcome? How many?

5. Am I dwelling too much on the past?

5. Am I doing this to avoid present problems?

6. Is this issue worth the amount of time I’m spending worrying about it?

7. Are there more important issues I should focus on?

8. Can I turn this problem into a hidden opportunity?

9. Is there anyone I can trust and ask for help?

10. Will I make it stop?

Do I believe in myself?
  1. What else do I believe (in)?
  2. Is there anything that I am so sure about, that I believe in all the time, no matter the situation?
  3. What does it feel like, to be sure?
  4. Would I be ready to change that?
  5. What am I mostly attached to?
  6. Am I ready to challenge my own beliefs, merely to see if they stand?
  7. Am I ready to challenge my own habits, merely to see if I stand?

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