The Bus Boycott Ruby Jimenez

The Bus Boycott was a tragedy that occurred after Rosa Parks was arrested for not giving up her seat to a white person. The goals of this was destroy segregation as a whole and have everything be fair, including bus rides.
They faced many obstacles. Some including, people throwing, spitting, and shouting racist comments at protesters. law was also against them for the most part. Jim crow laws and the kkk was also a very big problem associated with this protest.
the results of this movement was the judicial system desegregating the bus and finally listening to the african american citizens. the voices of the hurting and struggling african americans were finally heard during this protest.
This struggle is also shown in the Lgbtq community. fighting for their love and their rights to love whoever they want legally and socially has been a struggle with them, just like being african american was a struggle at the time of the bus boycott timeline. the lgbtq has done may awarness for this issue such as protesting, raising awareness, and bringing it to courts in the united states. there are many advocates and leaders such as Aisha C. Moodie-Mills - President & CEO, Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund & Institute and others such as Ashley Diamond - Criminal Justice Reform Advocate.


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