The Arts are Dead A story of loss and hope

I think most people have realized by now that newspapers are dying. Our very own school newspaper, the Panther Press had to be moved online this year after hardly anyone bought our newspaper last year (that means you too, Mr. Fox), and we are now in debt (almost a thousand dollars). Myself and Olivia Deslandes are co-Editor-in-Chiefs of the newspaper this year, despite it being only our second year on staff. We were thrown into these positions because only four people from our staff last year rejoined for the 2016-2017 school year. Not to mention we found out last minute that our adviser wouldn't be coming back until after Spring Break 2017. We have been tirelessly running the class ourselves by editing every single story, making lesson plans, teaching our staff writers how to write articles, as well as updating our website and cleaning the Panther Press room. We are doing the job of a teacher, and we do it all because we want to keep the arts at Darby alive. The school doesn't even have a link to our online newspaper on the school website, and we get no recognition because our stories are only read by the occasional parent. Despite the posters we made ourselves and our videos on the announcements, some students aren't even aware that Darby has a school newspaper. We started off this year with ten staff writers and are down to only seven. We need people like you to help us keep the arts at Darby alive by reading the articles we work so hard on.

You alone are the only person who can save our poor staff writers from depression, angst, and resentment for not getting the recognition they (most of them) deserve. Please... if you have a soul and do not like human suffering, click the link below.

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