Factories and farms please be compliment #do not say no#collective people-stallin 1928

All communists will be abolished #run for your life #outrun my gun

I keep to my self you go ahead and have fun #keeping to my self

Stalin wins the reason we almost lost -Khrushchev #liers don't win #secrets don't hold

Art shouldn't be held back so much, create the world as you see it #dream big paint bigger

We understand your response America #gotta blast

Afghanistan got wrecked-Brezhnev #you tried #pls forgive

My health is at an all time low but I won't leave this country till my death # outta time

I have completed my journey # about to die # good luck without me

Quick moments, quick decisions all part of the game # skipped your turn -Gorbachev

There goes my missiles, there goes my influence # parady # good thinking

My mind has been set I am accepting the doctrine # almosts changed

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