India's Call centers By: Mikey Witmer

India has a population of over 1.2 billion and is ranked number 2 in the world behind China. Their urban population is also ranked number 2 in the country. India has the most amount of children in the world. Which means they will have a lot of workers in the future. India is $507 billion in debt. They have the most uneducated people in the world. The name of the company was The IMB Call Center. At the Call Center they have people who take calls for a certain company. The training is rough and hard. They have to try and get rid of their accent to make it sound American. Plus they even come up with American names. Also they have learn a lot of new things because they aren't very educated in India. They make about $5,000 a year at a Call Center. India has a comparative advantage because they are almost top 3 in every category including population, urban population, children, etc.

This is what an Iandian Call Center looks like.
This is another picture of a call center.

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