Flying Stars Feng Shui 2021

Spirit Way | Li Wall Tomb 37 BC

The monthly Flying Stars in January 2021 are a preview for the coming year, starting February 4th, 2021. This month the Flying Star patterns replicate the Annual Flying Stars as they align in 2021 for the entire year. So we get a small taste of what's to come for a longer period.

Fu Xi | 4000 BC

Flying Stars are patterns are energy fields here on Earth that are based in bone and rune carvings of ancient times referred to as geomancy. This type of star patterns fly in cycles. The directions they fly are based on the compass locations and the 64 hexagrams of the IChing.

8 Trigrams | 1456 BC

The numbers associated with them, i.e., the 8 Mansions and 9 Palaces are not numerology in any sense of that method. Instead it is lifestyle method of building empires, dynasties and everyday living in harmony with our planet.

Court Ladies of the Tang | Tomb Mural 618 AD

There is an underlying formal pattern in the stars (fields of energy) that never changes called the Universal directions and they are static in their locations. The Mountain Stars change patterns every 24 years and correspond directly to larger elliptic cycles of Earth's procession.

Tomb Painting | 706 AD

The Universal Stars stay static. The 24 Mountain Stars change every 20 years. Our current Mountain cycle runs from 2004 to 2024. Universal Stars are overlaid with an array of changing star patterns over specific time intervals with: Mountain, yearly, monthly and daily star cycles.

Fu Xi & Nüwa | ancient cemetery Turfan

Based on patterns flying stars overlay the Universal Stars directions by flying in different directions to compass locations. In some ways you can think of flying stars as weather with different patterns that form changes that affect individual Harmony and Conflict.

3 Divine Rulers

One can control the stars (the patterns) using the 5 elemental Earthly components: metal, water, wood, fire and earth. The stars form lucky and unlucky patterns based on how and where the star patterns fly and the 5 elements are the basic tools used to adjust them.

Fu Xi Temple | China

For an example: in the cold (water) we use heat (fire) to warm us and in heat we use a cool breeze (wood is wind) to balance the elements. Most of our modern technology is metal based energy that drains our Earth. Flying Stars can balance this cultural context for lasting harmony.

In Flying Star feng shui controlling stars promotes protection and harmony in a unlucky cycle and similarly in a lucky cycle. In flying stars it is auspicious to "lock-up" the unlucky stars and enhance and/or activate the lucky ones in the correct timing and placement of their location.

IChing Hexagrams | 1701

This ancient practice involves years of practice and study to create harmony and alleviate conflict, to find lasting happiness. In this blog you can follow the advice to practice this art form using adaptive lifestyle designs to reinforce positive changes and neutralize negative ones.

5 Dynasties | 10 Kingdoms painting

Because flying star patterns overlay the static and persistent Universal Stars the added, evolving patterns of: Mountain Stars, Annual Stars, Monthly Stars, etc alter the chemistry of change using: colors, tones, textures, tempos and styles to balance rhythms of harmony.

Ancient Zoroastrian Dieties

In the most fundamental way the Flying Stars are an ancient, mindful practice that harness existing, formulaic structures to promote a natural coexistence on Earth to maximize life potential with a lifestyle approach to design using styles of attitude, fashion, decor and more

Flying Stars January 5th to February 4th 2021

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