Anna Garcia's Death

In this Case, A female Named Anna Garcia died and her cause of death is undetermined. She died at 7am. Doug called the police that something was wrong. Alex fingerprint was found at the scene. The DNA belonged to Anna. Her hair was their too. Their was an unknown substance found which turned out to be Aspirin.


The fingerprint belonged to Alex Garcia. He said he was their the night before but didn't say what for.


The hair belonged to Anna Garcia. Knowing that, it took Erica and Lucy out the picture.

Unknown Substance

The unknown substance found at the crime scene was Aspirin. That might mean that she had some kind of decease having to take medication. It might have caused her to nausea.

Blood Splatter

The blood came down at a 90 degree angle from a 74 cm table.

DNA Analysis

The DNA belonged to Anna. No one else.

Time of Death

Anna died at 7 am. Her body was found four hours later at 11 am.

Autopsy Report

Anna had bruises on her elbow and head. Ankles were swollen. She had no fractures or scratches on her body. Their were no signs of getting strangled on her neck.


Based on our evidence, I have came to a conclusion that Anna died of natural causes. looking at all the evidence, there is no sign of her being murdered. She was taking Aspirin so she might have had a headache or nausea and she fell and hit her head.

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