The Ocean By anthony zarella

While sea water make look really cool it is not fun to drink it. Sea water is very salty and does not quench your thirst. in fact it actaully does the opposite and dehydrates you.
Why is ocean important to life? Oceans are extremely important to us. They're are many types of food that come from these oceans. Some people live entirely off of the food sea water produces. Oceans are also used for travel on boats.
The ocean is super important as far as climate goes. The world’s ocean is extremely necessary to the weather of the world. While land areas take in some sun, most of the sun’s heat is taken in by the ocean.
The ocean is one huge water platform. But it is change in to many different types of oceans and zones. Like for example you have the sunlight zone. this zone gets the most sun because its so little amount of water only going to the lowest of 656 feet deep. then you have twilight zone which is 656 feet to 3,280 feet deep. also you have midlight zone not much is too well known about this place beside the fact it is full weird fish and its 3,280-13,123 feet deep. you aswell have the abyss this is full of crazy spooky fish and goes from 13,123-19,685 feet deep

Finally you have the hadal zone which is a zone with pretty much nothing because its barley above freezing and 19,685-36,197 feet deep.

temperature, of oceans. The temperature of ocean all depends on how much sun and warmth there is. the more sun the warmer it gets.
There are many recourses we use when it comes to the ocean.


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