BARAXANA Arts Festival 2019 Driving socioeconomic impact and cultural diversity through Arts & Culture

Theme: The Creative Industry As An Instrument for Youth & Economic Development

Baraxana Arts festival is a multidisciplinary/multicultural show off of creativity that spotlights African & Nigerian Ancient, Contemporary and futuristic Art and Culture, especially through Visual Arts, Fashion & Design and Performing Arts, because all other forms of art and culture can be expressed with ease through these platforms.

It is a healthy environment that promotes creative/cultural knowledge exchange in its rich artistic ambience as it focuses on building the career path of the artists involved, encourages people seeking to build a career in the arts and cultural sphere to forge ahead, and shows off the diverse cultures in Africa/Nigeria, which in turn makes it a continuous learning and exchange ground for the society at large. Whilst being an avenue for young artists and creatives to show off their mastery, it serves as a beacon of hope to cultures that are fast facing out and becoming mixed due to modernization. -- Even though this mix still gives rise to a new style that tells its story through different activities in this festival.

Afizere cultural dancers at the opening ceremony of Baraxana Arts Festival 2019 from Plateau State Nigeria


There were a total of 7panelists & 7 Masterclasses made up of seasoned creatives in their field as our aim is to also impact knowledge.

Cross-section of Masterclass class with Sani Mu’azu on the business of filmmaking
Cross-section of Masterclass class with Doug Kaze on the business of Songwriting
Cross-section of Masterclass class with Kelechi Amadi-Obi on the business of Photograghy
Cross-section of Masterclass class with Robert Alexandriysky on How to export your local Art

Other Masterclasses included were The Business of Fashion & the Dance Business.

Panelists with Festival Director (Centre) & Moderator (1st from the Left) after panel discussion

Speech, Lectures, Remarks & Cross-section of Audience

Opening Speech was delivered by Tally Ozegbe, Founder & Festival Director, Baraxana Arts Festival

Dr. David Onoja, Dept. Fine Arts, University of Jos
Brigette Sossou Perenyi, American/Ghanian Award winning documentary producer.
Dr. Abraham Bukar, Curator National Gallery of Art, Plateau State

Other People who gave remarks include:

Nanna D. Yakubu, Zonal Coordinator North-Central Zone,Nigerian Tourism Development Corporation

Ayuba David Job, CEO TomRuk iHub Multiverse

Coach Muyiwa Fasakin,Advisory Board Member of the United NationsWorld Creativity and Innovation Day/Week.

Cross-section of Exhibition

Cross-section of Performance

Other performers included Models, Poets and music.

Baraxana Arts festival 2018

Baraxana Arts Festival 2018
Baraxana Arts Festival 2018


Others include GIZ, National Gallery of Art, Afe Supplies, Dudeworks, The Krump Dance Studio, Ministry of Culture & Information

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