William Shakespeare and his influence by Jaden Bradfield period: 4

Thesis: Shakespeare influenced the world through his early, middle, and late life.

Shakespeare’s Early-Life

Quote #1: "William attended grammar school, where he studied Latin grammar, Latin literature,and rhetoric (the uses of language).As far as we know he had no further formal education" ("William").

Commentary: Historians are unsure what William did during his early life, but many people believe he attended a grammar school to study Latin literature. William had a huge influence on the world with just an average education.

Quote #2: "His influence on the development of the English language cannot be overstated. He coined countless words and phrases that we still use today, four hundred years later. For example, "catch a cold," "fair play," "bump," and "assassination" all owe their existence to Shakespeare" (Forster).

Commentary: Shakespeare is one of the most influential authors in the world. Many of the words and phrases we use today were created by William Shakespeare. Hundreds of the words invented by Shakespeare were created in his early years in Stratford on-Avon. His influence can be seen in every-day modern life.

Quote #3: "In 1585, Anne gave birth to twins, a boy (Hamnet) and a girl (Judith)"(Forster).

Commentary: Shakespeare's children were an important factor in the play Hamlet, written by Shakespeare. Hamlet was written after his son Hamnet died at age 11. Hamnet is one of William's most famous plays.

Shakespeare’s Middle-Life

Quote #4: "Shakespeare, William (1564-1616), was an English playwright, poet, and actor" (Lander)

Commentary: Shakespeare at least 38 plays, poems, and he also worked as an actor. These all took place during his mid life. His plays have been translated to many languages, and read all over the world. These works of art from Shakespeare have helped to influence modern theater across the world.

Quote #5: "Shakespeare wrote at least 38 plays, two major narrative poems,a sequence of sonnets, and several short poems"(Lander)

Commentary: Throughout Shakespeare's life, he wrote many poems. These poems have influenced many poets and Shakespeare was very well known for his writing.

Quote #6: "The period from 1599 to 1608 was a time of extraordinary literary activity for Shakespeare. During these years, he wrote several comedies and almost all the tragedies that have made him famous"(Lander).

Commentary: Some of the best years for William Shakespeare were between 1599 and 1608. Some of his most influential work was produced during these years.

Shakespeare’s Late-Life

Quote #7: "Shakespeare's plays are still produced all over the world...if Shakespeare were alive, he would be receiving $25,000 a week in royalties for a production of Othello alone.

Commentary: “Shakespeare's plays are still produced today and he would be making over 25,000 dollars a week from his play Othello. This shows how popular William Shakespeare is, and that he has influenced plays today.

Quote #8: "This year marks the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s sudden death at the age of 52. His plays continue to be performed, studied, and appropriated worldwide, and he is credited with introducing 300 words and dozens of well-known phrases into the English language"(Ravilious).

Commentary: This is the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's death his plays are still performed and he is credited with creating 300 words and phrases for the English language. During Shakespeare's life he had created many plays. These plays are still around today, many of the words and phrases Shakespeare created are used daily in the English language.

Quote #9:"Nicholas Rowe, an eighteenth-century Shakespeare biographer, states that the playwright “retired to Stratford some years before his death,” which some take to mean that he retreated from public life following Hamnet’s death, a period during which he may have written his Henry IV plays"(Ravilious).

Commentary: Nicholas Rowe, a biographer, has suggested that Shakespeare retired and lived in Stratford before his death. This would be after his son Hamnet had died and Shakespeare wrote his Henry IV plays. Shakespeare had a very impactful life, but it is believed that Shakespeare took some time out of the public eye after his son died, during this time Shakespeare may have written Henry IV plays.

Quote #10: "Shakespeare died on April 23, 1616, at age fifty-two...Carved over his grave is the following verse... Good friend, for Jesus' sake forbear To dig the dust enclosed here! Blessed be the man that spares these stones And cursed be he that moves my bones"(Anderson).

Commentary: This means that Shakespeare is buried here, and whoever leaves his body alone will be blessed, but whoever moves them will be cursed. Today Shakespeare has left such an influence that his bones have been left undisturbed.

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