Drone Immersion Changing mindsets

e-Mfundi is a Future-Fitness company. Using education, technology and design, we prepare organizations and individuals to be future-fit so that they can not only be sustainable but can thrive in an ever changing world.

We live in a constantly changing technological landscape, it is important that we get an understanding of how technology Is evolving and how we can use it to our advantage to further our industries.

One of the key team traits in the future of industries will be developing high performance teams to keep up with work and demand. This is the core of our drone immersion. How can we develop teams that are able to work at the highest level possible? We do this in our drone immersion by giving them the task to build a drone in their teams, and giving them a new found perspective of how to work within their roles and responsibilities.

Above all, teams of the future need to be great problem solvers. Giving them an understanding of The Lean Methodology will give your teams a great understanding on how to solve problems within your their teams, and innovate to further their industries by turning ideas into products.


We aim to educate organisation teams about future technologies, how they can solve problems as they arise and showing the fundamentals and aspects of a high performance team.

Our drone immersion is a new, fun and immersive way of learning, with reflection points that encourage your teams to think differently about how they approach their daily tasks and how they work contributes to the ecosystem of your organisation.

We are a Level 1 B-BBEE black youth owned business.


  • How to perform as a high performance team
  • Turning ideas into products using the Lean methodology
  • Individual and team reflections
  • Fun and immersive learning

The Process

Stage 1 - The Build - 35mins

  • Building your drone.
  • Reflection with drone counsellors.

Stage 2 - Flight - 25mins

  • Flying your drone through obstacle courses.
  • Reflection with drone counsellors.

Stage 3 - The Lean Methodology - 20mins

  • Group debrief - How a drone can be your organisation.
  • Getting an understanding of The Lean Methodology.

Stage 4 - Customising - 20mins

  • Customising your drone to solve problems within your industry.

Stage 5 - Drone Dragon Panel - 20mins

Using your understanding of the Lean Methodology, your salesman is going to pitch your customised drone to the Drone Panel.

Rates Card

Note: 30 mins set up time

Contact Details:

William Mpofu | william@emfundi.com | +27 83 375 1902 | 25 Autumn Street, Rivonia, Johannesburg, South Africa


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