Dogs By Maya Richter

Dogs are all different shapes, colors and sizes! That makes them special. They are known to be "mans best friend."

As you can see, dogs can be many different breeds too! A breed is a type of dog.

Dogs are beautiful!

Border Collies are the first smartest breed of dog!

The second smartest breed of dog is, the Poodle!

The 3rd smartest dog in the world is, the German Shepherd!

4th is the Golden Retriever!

5th smartest dog is the Doberman Pinscher!

Shetland Sheep dogs are the 6th smartest breed of dog!

The Labrador Retrievers are the 7th smartest dog!

The 8th smartest breed of dog!

The 9th smartest breed of dog is a Rottweiler!

The 10th smartest breed of dog is a Australian Cattle Dog!

Dogs are awesome!

Freddy is the largest dog in the world! He's a 7ft 6in Great Dane!


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