How the United States started By: Isa Umpierre, In Five Parts

Jamestown 1607

My answer begins in 1607. This is when the English settled at Jamestown, which became known as the first successful colony. English colonies tried to settle and Roanoke, but after a few weeks the people went missing. The picture below shows a man named John Smith. He is known for making the "No work No eat" policy. This event was important to our country because this allowed people to start living in the "new world".

This is a picture of John Smith


The second part to my answer is when the Revolutionary War started. The first two battles were Lexington and Concord. At Lexington somebody fired the first shot of the war. That shot today is known as " the shot heard around the world". This was important to us and our country because these two battles were what made people want independence from England.

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In 1776, the Declaration of Independence was written in Philadelphia and happen in the second year of the Revolutionary war. Sam Adams, Bengiaman Franklin and some other guys wrote the Declaration of Independence. There were 2 main reasons that we wanted to declare independence from England. The first reason was the British had violated their rights. The second and final one was, at Lexington and Concord blood had already been shed. This event was important to our country because this was were we wrote down every thing that the British were doing to them.


The treaty of Paris is the name of the treaty that ended the Revolutionary War. In that treaty the Americans had freedom from England. The British also agreed in that treaty that they would not be allowed on American terriotory. The war ha ended and we won.


The Louisiana Purchase was bought in 1803 from France. At first Thomas Jefferson told 2 guys to go to the France leader, Napoleon, to buy New Orleans a with the Mississippi River and west of Florida. The two guys go to France and say to Napoleon that they will pay them 10,000,000 dollars for those two places. This was a good time because France had just finished a war and lost so they needed money. Instead, Napoleon said he would give them what they wanted and part of the Louisiana territory for only 15,000,000. The two guys go back to the President and he said to just go and buy it as long as we get what we wanted. They go back and buy part of the Louisiana territory. This was important because this purchase was what double the size of our country.

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