Florida Museum of Natural History Margo schwartz

Nature on Display: I found the Butterfly garden exhibit most appealing. The design of the exhibit was beautiful and it truly immerses the museum-goers in nature. It works as somewhat of an escape and way for museum-goers to clear their minds. I would definitely revisit this exhibit because it made me feel very peaceful and at one with nature. It also taught me more about butterflies and their importance in the world. It is important to recognize the impacts that each organism has on this earth as humans tend to abuse it and take them for granted.

Nature and Ethics: I always am interested in exhibits on animals that are now extinct in museums so naturally I was drawn to the Columbian mammoth. This animal became extinct due to habitat loss and hunting by humans. Humans have such a huge impact on this earth and we tend to take this for granted by killing animals and destroying their habitats. It is important to show these animals in museums so we remember what has happened and what could happen to plenty of other species. In the frog exhibit there was a quote that said "If you wait until the frogs and toads have croaked their last to take some action, you've missed the point" -Kermit the Frog. While this is a quote by a muppet it rings very true, humans need to take action and preserve the species that live on this earth. The quote and the exhibit on an extinct animal both prove Leopold's theory that we must "love, respect, and admire" the land.

Nature and the Human Spirit: This exhibit shows traditional Seminole and Miccousukee Arts and Clothing. This exhibit shows the diversity amongst humans that exists in the world. This style of clothing may not be as prominent today, but it is important to show it in museums in order to remember it and educate people about other societies. This gave me respect for other cultures' fashion that may not be conventional in our society but it still beautiful nonetheless. Also, western cultures use patterns similar to these in fashion so it is important to recognize where they come from to show respect for other cultures.

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