One of the first causes of exploration of the people of Europe was because of their curiosity. When the Europeans traveled to Holy Land they realized that there was so much more outside of where they had always lived. This triggered their curiosity and they wanted to know what else could possibly be out there if there was already so much more than what they knew. There were so many resources traveling the Silk Road and the Europeans just had to get to know what else could be out there. This was just one of the causes of the exploration of Europeans.


Another reason the Europeans were interested in exploration was because of their desire for resources. They had noticed that there were many different assets that they didn't have. This was one of the biggest reasons as to why they wanted to explore. New land meant new discoveries and many of these discoveries would be very useful resources-- which is exactly what they wanted. They couldn’t let go of the perfect opportunity to get things that they wanted!


One of the main reasons Europeans wanted to explore was to find resources. Amazingly enough, if you are going out to find something, chances are you’re going to work hard to find it. One of the effects of the exploration of Europeans was actually finding new resources. Because they were able to discover new land as well as new resources that came with that land, they became more wealthy and began to live in luxury. This lead to the next effect: slavery.


As the Europeans began finding new things that seemed to be very useful, the couldn’t collect and harvest it all on their own. They started gathering Natives to work for them. Although these Natives worked extremely hard in some harsh conditions, they were not paid for their work. A major, long-lasting effect of European exploration was slavery. Slaves were forced to work against their will, and although they had been on the land before the Europeans, they had no say in what happened to them or what kind of work they had to do.


Because Europeans had so many new useful and valuable resources, other countries took an interest in these new findings. Another effect of European exploration was trade. All of the countries were now able to work with each other in gaining the different things they wanted and needed. There still would have been trade, but if it weren’t for the European’s strong desire to explore the rest of the world, trade would not have rocketed as much as it did.


-class notes


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