Daisy Doozy By: Macy Sievers

Daisey Doozy

Macy Sievers

Have you ever wondered how powerful a small bot could be? For this project Kassie and I were partners. Kassie and my bot was very small, maybe even the smallest in the class, but powerful. We wanted to make our bot as deadly as we could. We are building a bot for English class. The purpose to build a bot was to write in a fun way and enjoy writing. To write the paper we used the design process to help us write and build. The design process showed us that you have to fail to learn your mistakes. When Kassie and I would fail we would look at the design process and figure out how to fix it. The name of our bot is Daisey Doozy. We didn’t name our bot for a certain reasons we just came up with it out of the blue. Kassie and I look back at that day and laugh about it. Daisey Doozy is the best in the class because it is eye catching, has deadly weapons, and is very sturdy.

Daisy Doozy is a very eye catching bot. Daisy Doozy is very bright in color. When you take a quick glance at it you can see it very clear. Our bot had many colors on it that were clear. Our bot contained the colors of red, blue, and white. Many people told us that our bot was super creative and cool. They liked how we had colors on it and how they could easily see it. When we would test our bot people would always give us compliments about how colorful our bot was. Our bot, Daisy Doozy, is a very fun, colorful, and creative bot.

Daisy Doozy has very deadly weapons attached to it. Daisy Doozy has 3 very important weapons. The first weapon was the spikes/claws. The spikes had pop can pieces attached to it, which made it very sharp and pokey. The 2nd weapon is the fork lift we had on the front of our bot. The forklift was made to get under our opponents bot and flip them over on their back. The final weapon was having a remote control car attached to it. With the remote control car we were able to dodge our opponents and escape from them. All of these weapons were very helpful to our bot. Many people would poke themselves on the spikes and get a little sting in their finger. Daisy Doozy clearly has some of the most destructive weapons.

Daisy Doozy is a very sturdy robot. The body of Daisy Doozy was structured very well. When Daisy Doozy was playing against Ice Man in the competition, the Ice Man bot crashed into us a ton of times. Daisey Doozy never was damaged tho, the Iceman hurt itself by crashing into us. This shows that Daisy Doozy is very strong and sturdy bot. Anna Bellcock thinks that Daisy Doozy is a very strong bot. The supplies we built are bot with were very durable. Which helped keep are bot in one piece in the competition. This explains to you why Daisy Doozy is so STRONG!!!

Daisy Doozy is the greatest bot in 7B because of it’s destructive weapons, colorful body, and strong bot it has. Daisey Doozy is a very creative looking bot that can do some damage. Daisy Doozy can do a lot of destruction with it’s powerful weapons. Our bot, Daisy Doozy, is a very firm bot that is hard to destroy. This is why Daisy Doozy is the best in the class. Remember the biggest is not always the best. So what do you think about Daisy Doozy and it’s design structure??

Picture of my BOT
Look at those WHEELS
From the top
A full picture of my bot

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